International Achievement Scholarships at Kendall College in USA, 2018

Accredited schools online and the degree programmes you can acquire this way are more just a catnip for Millennials. A new generation of knowledge-hungry and skill-seeking young people are now cocking up their ears in the pursuit of funding to advance their studies. You may think that education is easy to come by.

It is true, nobody has the world been more literate and able to tackle maths problems. However, as the inequalities between rich and poor people continue to exacerbate, so the share of people left out of education continue to grow. Why? Simply because said people, despite their academic aptitude, cannot afford the entry costs of universities.

At least one institution, namely the Kendal College is offering its tailor-made Achievement Scholarships, which are available for international students .

The target group is students who want to pursue their undergraduate degree programme.

In addition, scholarships are available to specific subjects available at the Kendall College, which is based in Illinois, United States. The award offers to knock 25% off the cost of your studies, which is estimated at $24,500.

Do away with all thoughts about accredited schools online and focus on something that is way more useful – a real scholarship at a real university.

In order to make the cut:

  • You need to sign up as a freshman who has never done any college or university courses
  • You will need a GPA of 2.75 or above
  • You will need to be enrolled in either Baking and Pastry, business, or Culinary Arts, as well as Hospitality management.
  • You will most certainly be requested to demonstrate an excellent command of English

Meanwhile, you can access the application form here. The deadline is set for January, April, July or October. I.e. you have several deadlines that stretch four weeks before the start of the season. The scholarship link can be foundhere.

There is a lot to be gained by signing up for a scholarship programme that promises to alleviate the financial burden of your studies. After all, the objective of any university course is to equip you with a set of skills that will help you forge ahead in life and create meaningful solutions for yourself and the world.


10 Comments on “ International Achievement Scholarships at Kendall College in USA, 2018 ”

  • I really don\’t know how to apply for scholarship and i really do need it because i really can\’t afford the fees of studying advancet studies in my country. If anyone is offering a help please i really do need this you can email me anytime and help me

  • I want to study culinary arts and i want to know the application process of international achievement scholarship at Kendall college in United States, I am from Kenya

  • I am Harris David A. Geekpalm from Liberia, West Africa. I am a outgoing high school graduate of the Academic year of 2018 and 2019. A student of Wells Hairston high school. I am 18 years old, born March 28, 2000. I am in need of this scholarship to be able to forward my Academic studies aboard to experience what the outside world have for me.

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