H.H. the Emir of Qatar Scholarships for Academic Excellence at Qatar University, 2018

Accredited online universities and college education online are two phenomena that have bene gaining steady traction. Gone are the days when students would be only limited to the confines of the classroom. Welcome the era of online education where we students tend to be rather more flexible, and a whole lot more demanding.

This is not all too surprising. With costs of education soaring ever so high, accredited online universities and college education online have been forging ahead at full tilt. You want to fetch a pretty penny out of our love to study, well then, no more, for we, the students, have opted for a cheaper and reliable option.

However, some institutions of higher learning out there have been paying attention to this disturbing trend and they have designed to bolster their efforts in supporting students. Let’s examine the Qatar University offering which invites Qatari students to pursue an undergraduate programme. The scholarships are available in the subjects which the university has to offer.

How will students benefit? Well, simply put, the scholarship will cover tuition fees and book fees. The scholarship is taken in Qatar.

In order to qualify, candidates would need to:

  • Have a Qatari Secondary Education Certification
  • They must have scored at least 95% in their Certification
  • They also should be a secondary school graduates and their application should be lodged at the same time they graduated from school
  • The applicant must register in the fall semester.

In order to apply, students will have to use the Admission Application System. The scholarship is also available here. The deadline is set for 7 November 2017.

We strongly recommend for all students who hail from Qatar and fulfil the qualifying criteria to give this scholarship a go. Having your tuition costs covered would mean that you can dedicate your undivided attention to the pursuit of academia.

Even though there are many online alternatives, they do not quite rival what a real university has to offer in terms of facilities and curricular. Moreover, being amid like-minded people also helps you stay motivated and on point with your studies. Last but not least you will create lasting and meaningful relationships which will help you in your future endeavours outside school.


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