Fully-funded UBC Scholarships for International Students in Canada 2018

When it comes to learning, students may choose between mainstream universities or their digital brethren – the distance learning courses. Those courses come with a set of college degrees online. Whichever way you swing, does not matter as we are going to offer you a great scholarship today.

The University of British Columbia, Canada now invites applications for its 2018/2019 International Leader of Tomorrow Award. Prior to awarding the scholarship, all candidates are considered on the basis of their financial need and academic merit.

UBC also tries to gauge how much a candidate’s family can contribute to a scholar tuition fees. In most cases, UPC makes it so that the candidate pays a minor fee or nothing.

So, how do you qualify for the scholarship? You need to meet one of several criterial:

  • Be applying for their first undergraduate degree
  • You will need to cover all the qualifying criteria for the program you are willing to enroll
  • You also need to be an international student who has a valid data to study and stay in Canada
  • You will have to prove to the selection committee that you do have a financial need for the scholarship
  • You will need to be coming to UBC from a school with good track record

So, distance learning courses and college degrees online can be quite tempting on occasion. But thankfully, real-world solutions to the pesky side of funding your education do exist.

Now, let us examine the application process of the scholarship and see what it has in store:

  • First off, you will need to apply for any of the programs on offer at the University of British Columbia
  • Then you will have to prepare an admission application on the behalf of your high school or university
  • You will be allowed to pick two programs, but you should be warned that only your first choice will be considered for the International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • We encourage to apply as early as possible to avoid red tape later on

The deadline is set for 15 November 2017. You must have completed the UBC online form by 1 December 2017. In order to apply online, you need to follow this link. When it comes to making a good academic choice, you cannot be in the wrong with the University of British Columbia.

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