2018-2019 Fully-Funded Clarendon Scholarship at University of Oxford UK

Online bachelor degrees and online degree programs are taking a turn of the ubiquitous. Their presence can be felt across the fabric on the Interweb where traditional institutions of higher learning have been scrambling for purchase.

Be that as it may, with online education slowly but steadily coming to encroach on the bastion of traditional learning institutions, those have decided to put up a fight. Scholarships are being dished out at an unprecedented rate.

We are offering you to the consider the excellent scholarship by Clarendon which is working in association with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. This is an unrivalled learning opportunities for students from all over the place, including the USA, Australia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Norway, Nigeria and the in between.

An overall of 140 scholarshipsare handed out each year. These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic aptitude. Sporting a good track-record is an important qualifying criteria and students are encourage to work diligently on meeting the standards of the institution they are applying for.

What benefits does the scholarship exactly grant you?

  • The Clarendon Scholarships will cover your tuition fees fully and will also provide for living expenses.
  • The money earmarked for covering living expenses, however, are only available in the case if you are enrolled in a program full time.
  • Moving down the line, scholars who take part-time courses will have their scholarship money slashed to better meet their needs.
  • There are also scholarships for part-time DPhil scholars

In addition, the Clarendon Scholarship offers to spend as much as GBP 2,500 for living costs.

With specifics to the duration of the program. The scholarships are up for renewal for as long as the courses last as long as candidates can demonstrate decent academic record. The scholarship will cover any of these programs: MSt, MSc, BCL/MJur, MBA, MFE, MPhil, BPhil, MSc by Research, MTh and all DPhil same as PhD.

The grants have been in circulation since 1 September 2011. Application deadlines 8 and 19 January 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity for students who want to enroll in one’s of the world’s best universities out there. We recommend that you check out the scholarship in full here. Hurry up while there is still time!



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