Pay It Forward Scholarships for International Students at University of San Francisco in USA, 2018

Online associate degree is perhaps the quickest way for working professional to expand on their knowledge in a given field. So where the fast-paced professional can nab a degree these days without wasting too much time? The answer is online schools. Really? An online associate degree from an online school, that sounds plausible, but is it really worth it? The odds say yes. But then again it is up to every individual to tell for themselves why they would want that in their life: do you need more knowledge on a specific topic?Be that as it may such degrees are often pursued with vehemence.

Meanwhile the Pay It Forwrad Scholarships are here to stay. They are handed out by the University of San Francisco and they target all undergraduate enthusiasts.

The scholarships are 3 in number. They offer one full-tuition scholarship and two half-tuition costs.

In order to qualify:

  • You need to be a first-time and transfer student who wants to sign up for an undergraduate degree at USF.
  • You must to attend the university full time.

Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.

How to apply:

  • Tell USF how you will pay the experience and knowledge you acquire during the course in an essay
  • The essay can be submitted with the Office of Admissions through an e-mail.
  • If you haven’t already submitted your admission for, do so right away.

Use an application form. Bear in mind that the deadline is set for 1 January 2018. More information about the very scholarship can be found here.

What to do is entirely up to you. There is an inexhaustible throve of learning opportunities out for the getting in the world. Which way you want to go depends solely on you. We see the merits of obtaining your education online, but we also see a number of drawbacks:

  • Can online education actually live up to the standards set by regular everyday education?
  • Can you reliable know that what you are being taught in front of a screen is up to date and given out by an authority of the subject?
  • How can you make sure that the knowledge you pick during this mode of learning is actually viable.

Whatever you do, think it through carefully and meanwhile…

90 Comments on “ Pay It Forward Scholarships for International Students at University of San Francisco in USA, 2018 ”

  • hello
    am requesting for a full tuition scholarship in your university inorder to acheive my objective i will be greatfull when am granted chance to study from Australia

  • Hello
    I\’m requesting to study for full tuition scholarship in your University of San Francisco to study my dream course.I really hope u\’ll grant my request to study with you from Nigeria.

  • Iam50yrs old.l wish to study for abachelor or associte degree in internatinal relations online.l have a high school certificate. I therefore wish to know if l may qualify for your scholarship and if so can l write an essay for the scholarship

  • Hi,
    I\’m from the Solomon Islands in south Pacific, aged 43years old, very experience and love my career and duty in law enforcement for peace in my country the Solomon islands. graduated Diploma in leadership and management and Small Business management in Australia in 1994.

    Please offer me a schorlship to study in Saint Francisco , Should I receive one full scholarship to meet my student visa and travel means there, my dreams would come true, greatest gift I would ever receive from a helping heart for the needy like me.

    I also like to study psychological studies and counselling studies, I have many experience as a stress management counselling through the united development training programme package in ny country and I\’m a practioner here in counselling.

    I\’m currently serving in the Royal Solomon islands Police Force for 13 years now in Investigations and intelligence unit and management department. including practioner in decision making at the Police Academy here in the Solomon islands.

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon islands.

  • Hi ,I graduated in University of Rwanda in Veterinary medicine -livestock production and technology development as a department but I need a full scholarship for studying Theology in USA help me ,Thank you!!!

  • Hello, I am Favour Edeko, I need your scholarship fund to assist me study computer science so as to be useful to my community and I in the nearest future.
    Thank you.

  • Hi,am Ivan from Uganda,17 years of age.
    Am really need a scholarship for me to go through school.l would like to study accounting and finance in any school of our choice.
    I will be grateful if am given a chance.

  • Hi,am Ivan from Uganda,17 years of age.
    I really need a scholarship for me to go through school.I would like to study accounting and finance in any school of your choice.
    I will be grateful if given a chance.

  • Hi Dear ,I graduated in University of Ethiopia in Electrical and computer engineering with in communication streams and i also taking cyber security and its dominance in coursera online blog but I need a full scholarship for studying Theology in USA help me ,Thank you!!!
    Thank you

  • i am Francis chipak kuol from south sudan, i am requested from you full-funded scholarship from USA specially Canada i have solely high school certificate

  • I am a teacher aged 38 with 14 years experience. I have a diploma in Education and would be most greatful if offered a full scholarship in psychology or sociology degrees or any social degree to help the needy children in Zimbabwe and or world as a whole

  • I\’m requesting for a full tuition scholarship in your university in order to achieve my objective I will be greatfull when I\’m granted chance to study in Australia

  • Please, I am 43 years now and an Agriculture Extension Officer in Ghana here my native country, I would be greatefull if could grant me a full tution scholarship to study in USA or Canada in Agric extension/Accounting or Business management. I currently hold BSc. in agric.extension and would like to further my education. Thanks and I hope my request would be granted.

  • hi,am Matilda from Kenya. kindly assist me get a scholarship in nursing degree .I will highly appreciate. thanks

  • Hi,I am GATETE Appolinaire from Rwanda. kindly assist me get a scholarship in Bachalor Business Administration .I will highly appreciate when I am granted chance to sturdy everywhere in Europe

  • I am Frederick from Kenya please assist me to get scholarship to persue a course in tourism and management and I will be glad to hear from you,I\’ll be thankful

  • Iam Edapal from Kenya please kindly help me to pursue a diploma course in Human resource management in Uganda.

  • Iam Annet from Uganda,I wish to have an opportunity to be among the sponsored students of the Bachelor of Early childhood education.

  • I am Muhammad Suraj Adam from Nigeria, I need your scholarship in electrical engineering.
    thank you

  • Hi, Abel is my name I holds a degree in Integrated Business Studies (Accounting) from the University for Development Studies (Ghana) am interested in studying masters in auditing. Thank you

  • I really need scholarship for PHD in education.I am a Ugandan Lady aged 46 and have a master degree in educational planning, management and administration.

  • I am still appealing to be part in your scholarship scheme. I want to do ophthalmic nursing and i shall be very grateful if i am given the chance. Thanks for kindness.

  • Hi I am Babucarr Jarju from Gambia. I am in desperate need of this tuition scholarship in other to further my education to higher level of experience and I really prefer saint Fransisco as my educational source where I can get all the stuffs that I need to achieve my goals successfully.

  • Hello I am Wilfred Fafen, I need a scholarship to do my Masters in Education in 2019 at AIU. I am from Papua New Guinea

  • Hi
    I\’m George S. Taylor from West Africa Liberia I\’m in of this scholarship please helped me, I want to study I.T up to master level. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Hi am comfort zweli seerane im requesting to study for full tuiton scholarship in your university of san francisco to study my dream course,i really hope u will grant my request to study with you and i will be grateful if am given an opportunity to accomplished my dream im comfort zweli seerane from South Africa.

  • HI,am Catherine matalange from Tanzania,i would be more grateful if you offer me a full scholarship on my master degree in education September 2018,am 31 years old and a teacher of 5years experience.i will be grateful if am given an opportunity to compete my goal

  • Hello,
    Am Joseph Abraham a student at jkuat university currently pursuing a degree in community development and environment ,kindly assist me in achieving my dream goals by offering me scholarship opportunity to study abroad.

  • hi, I\’m Ahmed Abdi ismail live in Ethiopia.
    getting scholarship is my dream.
    please, help me and give me this chance.

    contact me this: +251938696378.


  • hi I am François Millimono from Guinea I need to feather my Education in Mining Ingeneering with full tuition scholarship to achieve my goal

  • Morris kamara is my name from Liberia, I your help for scholarships above of exssensive study at your universities .

  • Hi am antony from kenya and would truly appriciate if i can get a scholarship in any university that offers a degree in criminology and security studies .

  • Thanks so much for the services. I am Nakayiza from Uganda, I would like to get a scholarship for bachelor degree in midwifery at any university that offers. I will be happy if your decision lies in my favor.

  • I present my compliments and have honor to request your assistant for a full funded scholarship from an University in Canada to complete an International Studies In the field of Diplomacy.I am a 1998 graduate of the University of Liberia, and a 2014 graduate of the University of Queensland(UQ)Lucia, Brisbane Australia through the Africa Australia Awards, and also a graduate of Gabriel L. Dennis l Foreign Service Institute, ministry of Foreign Affair Republic of Liberia with a Post graduate diploma in contemporary Diplomacy .
    Best regards,
    Arthur W. Robinson
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Republic of Liberia

  • Am Kelly Otieno from Kenya, i have done Applied Statistics with Computing and am interested in a fully funded scholarship a second degree in Nursing. kindly assist me. thanks

  • I\’m Helydah from Kenya, 21years old, I would like to request for full scholarship on studying accounting and finance in any university of your choice. Looking forward your reply and will be greatful for me if I get a chance..

  • Hello Dears,
    Hope you are doing well! am Amogne Assaye from Ethiopia,I would be more grateful if you offer me a full scholarship on my master degree (MBA) or pilot trainee in education September 2018,am 27years old and a Senior procurment officer- II @Ethiopian Airline for Aircraft parts of 3.5 years experience. I will be grateful if am given an opportunity to compete my goal.

  • Im Petrus Claudia a 21 years old currently doing Bachelor degree of nursing science and clinical honoyrs at the University of Namibia.
    Im looking for an financial support since I can\’t afford my tuitions fees

  • I\’m Matthew Isaac I\’m requesting to pls grant me a scholarship because I\’m really ready to pay u back superfluously yes….its gonna be a big opportunity for me …..and I won\’t like to to mess it up in anyways pls……I hope you\’ll …thanks in advance

  • I really need scholarship for PHD in Transport fields .I am an Ethiopian and have a master degree in Transport planning and management.I would like to request for full free scholarship in USA help me ,Thank you!!!

  • Hello !!!
    I am young Ethiopian, looking for fully funded scholarship in doctorat program in your university,Please help me in achieving this very dream of a young African. I am entitled with BA degree in Public Administration and Development Management scoring CGPA of 3.82 and MBA scoring 3.96 together with an excellent thesis. I appreciate your kindness on this regard so that poor brilliant minds will not lose this opportunity to share their talent to the rest of the world.
    I again admire your optimist thinking for that you are helping as regardless of from where we are and who we are.
    Best Regards !!!
    Kibrom Yimarew, Ethiopia

  • My Name is teweldemedhin W/mariam from Ethiopia and i was Graduated Mechanical Engineering, I Request to study full scholarship in to your esteemed University

  • I am anwar abdella from ethiopia iam 24, I have a bachelor degree in marketing management and I am planning to do my master\’s degree the same discipline I am greatful if you make this possible thank you !!!

  • Hy my name is Lindiwe Priscilla Maseko I\’m from south Africa mpumalanga l need you people assist me with Grant I want to further my study as teacher in unisa her in south Africa please help

  • Hy good people I need you to assist me with Grant I want to further my study as qualified teacher in unisa her in south Africa.thank you

  • Thanks. I am Naboth from Nairobi, Kenya a diploma holder in business management i need the scholarship to study a bachelor in commerce at San Francisco Univesity

  • Yes I want to study i china But untill I am in second year. If you know that IS there any scholarship for second year students. Then I am ready to study in china.

  • I am Betelhem Desta from Ethiopia. I have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Gondar University , Ethiopia.I need the Scholarship to Study MS.c. Program, Please Help me. Thanks for your attention.

  • I\’m Ocen Ben Leo Ogwal Pok from northern Uganda, requesting you to offer me full bursary in PhD course in inclusive education as I\’ve finished my Master in special needs education at kyambogo this can be in any university from American ,EUROPE or Australia. So can you advice me .it should be in the year 2018/2019.

  • Nice to have chance to continue my study for further more up to university abroad. Mahder mohammed osman omer Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.since from that time I am searching for some scholarship garnts around the world . so could you help me to join this scholarship garnts .thanks againI am so excited to hear from you soon.

  • Hi i\’m Ingabire Fridaus a Rwandan girl 18 years I need your support for getting full free scholarship in business management in bachelor\’s degree

  • I am Lydia Simon Bello from Nigeria, I will be glad if I can get these scholarship to study library and information science

  • Hey Sir!
    Kindly grant me scholarship to resume my education abroad and hope you help me out of this suitation.
    Many thanks!

  • Hello my name is Uwase Docile and I really need this opportunity to study and make my dreams come true thank you so much

  • I am nyanzi yazin, am requesting for the scholarship opportunity to continue with my studies. I will be very happy if I get that opportunity to study

  • Hello
    I really need this opportunity to study and make my dreams come true.
    I humbly submit to be part of your good students in your country. Please help me to archive my dreams.
    thank you so much

  • Hi iam a nasirfaruk iam solevely need your assistance for this your mission of helping people who are poor in their financial risk (pleace iwant to study medicine \

  • I am Olivier I live in Benin, I would like this grant helps me to acquire new skills in management information. My parents can not afford to go to college. I hope that this study will help me develop new skills and learn a lot more in this area. Thank you

  • I would like to thank the sponsors for such an aid. This is not an easy task of lifting up those in need,limited by financial power. This programme helps poor families to lift up their countries. Let your mission harvest fruitful results. From you, we grow up,mentally, socially and wealthly. Always be with us. Our hearts and minds are open to receive your servives. Thank you again. Always be on the top.

  • Dear sir/madam/ My name is Birru Elias Abraham. I\’M from East Africa Ethiopia. and i obtained LLB degree by law from arbaminch university school of law i like to study my LLM/master of law.therefor as my country is developing country i need you to help me to get full and free scholarship to do my llm degree .
    I\’m waiting your reply for ward!

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