KCL Fully Funded Undergraduate Summer School Scholarships for International Students in UK, 2018

The educational landscape has been changing at a good clip. An abundance of University online degrees taken from online universities is now on the cards. Undergraduate Summer School 2018 is now accepting applicants. It is not an online institution of higher learning, but its offering is well worth looking into. What do we have on the cards?

All applicants for the King’s College London school will need to demonstrate a good command of English language. In addition, the course is available for the undergraduate summer school programme.

The deadlines is set for 1 April 2018. There are two sessions, one that takes place between 2-20 July 2018 and another one between 23 July and 10 August 2018.  Applications are open to a number of countries, including France, Germany Greece, and Russia. For a full list, applicants may refer to the scholarship link.

If you are wondering what skills you would need to pass, grade C in CPE by Cambridge or 93 points in TOEFL Internet Based Test would suffice.

The scholarship is available here. More scholarships in the United Kingdom are of course available here.

Online degrees and online universities truly offer an alternative to what we know as the basic mode of education today. We will advise you to stick to traditional education, however. You need to be aware that traditional education offers unrivalled opportunities.

Truly, when you take classes in Internet you knock off considerable prices, but who doesn’t use the Internet today to supplement their knowledge. And with this being said would it not be swell to be present in a real classroom environment instead of slogging mindlessly to a computer.

The brave new world of education is upon us and with it institutions of higher learning will attempt to clamp down on a newly-fledged trends that attempt to uproot their well-established practices. Some universities, for example are even launching mass online courses for free in the hopes of attracting students and making them enroll full-time. Scholarships, as pointed out already, are also a huge boom. We are without a doubt that this is all for the good.

Take your time to think things through, of course. But still, do not pass up on our offer lightly. Overall8 scholarships are available.


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