Hong Kong University Chak Chui International Enrichment Undergraduate Scholarship, 2017

Online classes and online college courses are slowly, but steadily gaining traction. Why you would ask yourselves? Well, apart from being extremely cheap and largely accessible, these courses have come to rival traditional institutions even in terms of the quality of education they have to offer. Now, we try to bring you the latest and most relevant scholarship titles out there so that you may have your pick.

Even though online classes and college courses will almost certainly dominate any search in Google you attempt for scholarships, we are here to cancel out the noise and bring in the truly relevant and worth it offers.

Consider the HKUST School of Business and Management With. The scholarship is funded by the Wong Chak Chui Charitable Foundation. The School of Business and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology offers scholarships for the undergraduate levels.

The scholarship is worth HK$30,000 and an additional financial assessment may be needed to specify the sum allocated to each individual. The number  of total scholarships has not been announced, but the scholarships can be taken abroad.

There are several qualifying criteria that must be met:

  • Undergraduate students who are looking for a SBM degree. These students are eligible to apply;
  • Applicants must have an average of CGA of 2.85 or above;
  • Students are eligible to apply only once for their undergraduate studies at SBM.
  • The Scholarships also need to be confirmed by a Donor. The committee has the final say in the matter and it may choose to either nod or dismiss a request.

This scholarship is particularly tailored for citizens of Hong Kong.

The application process itself takes a few steps:

  • Applicants are supposed to apply by submitting all necessary documents, including those deemed supportive.
  • A confirmation letter is on the list of requested documents
  • Latest transcripts and grade report will also be needed

The deadline is 30 October 2017. The scholarship link is available here.

With recourse to online education, we do understand its importance will increase significantly over the coming years, but we still uphold the simple idea that online education should supplement mainstream education and introduce enough competition so that education as a whole is more accessible.


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