Chemical Engineering Academic Achievement Scholarships in UK, 2018

Accredited online universities and the college education online are stealing the limelight from traditional universities. Is there any wonder about that? Small, if any. Let us try to elaborate. Soaring costs of education have pushed students to seek alternative modes of education and providers of college education online have managed to share in in the bonanza. Accredited online universities have been quick to follow suite.

However, the bastions of education, traditional bodies, have withheld against the all-out offensive of the accredited online universities. Today we are examining the offer put forth by the University of Sheffield and its Chemical Engineering Academic Scholarships for the undergraduate students who area on the cusp of enrolling in a degree programme.

Scholarships are awarded for Chemical Engineering. If a candidate manages to meet criteria, they will be awarded with up to GDP1,500.

In terms of eligibility, candidates will have to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Half of the scholarships will be paid in the first semester of the student’s first year. The second half of the scholarship instalment will depend solely on how well the candidate performs
  • The scholarship is open to both home and European students who are applying for the 2017-2018 admission period
  • Students may only be awarded one scholarship per department
  • There will be no test requirements

In order to apply for the scholarship you will need to follow the process outlined at UCAS. The application deadline is 30 June 2018. The scholarship link can be found here.

We acknowledge that online education can prove a very nifty alternative to what is admittedly the onus of real education costs. We do not take this subject lightly and throughout our offerings we strive to pick the best scholarships. And therein lies the key to our success. We believe that by handpicking the best offerings out there and posting those online in a concise and informative format.

We understand that picking a proper scholarship may have immense implications for your future and we do not take this matter lightly. Trust us by following up on our scholarship offers and browsing our database at your leisure. When it comes to scholarships, our team will always bring the crème-de-la-crème on top.


90 Comments on “ Chemical Engineering Academic Achievement Scholarships in UK, 2018 ”

  • Iam asking for a free scholarship to study abroad either invironmental health or Criminal Justice.I have no resources to sponsor myself due to numerous hardships.

  • I am Gideon from Ghana and would like to study petroleum engineering on scholarship to help solve the worlds energy problems.

  • Hi, I hold a bachelor\’s degree in chemical engineering. I want a post graduate degree in mineral processing or chemical engineering. Any scholarships available?

  • Hi, I am Hezekiah and i hold a bachelor/\’s degree in accounting with emphasis in management .I really want a post graduate degree in banking and there any scholarship available please.

  • I am a Malawian citizen holder an advanced diploma in environmental management. I would really appreciate if you grant me this chance

  • Hi!Am amiry from Tanzania, Am holding a bachelor degree of sociology now am looking forward for a masters degree in either project planning and management or public health so as to improve in my carrier goal

  • I am a Kenyan the female with a bachelors degree in Environmental health sciences and would like to get a scholarship in masters in public areas health

  • I am a citizen of Nigeria with outstanding qualities and would like to get a scholarship for undergraduate in aeronautical engineering

  • Hi am Emmanuel from Ghana I have excellent in Financial Accounting and Business Management ,help me because I don\’t have the means to go to the university ,Thanks

  • am a Ugandan and need scholarship in telecommunication engineering, if any chance is available please consider me. thank you so much.

  • am a Ugandan and looking for scholarship in telecommunication engineering, if any chance available please consider me. thank you.

  • I am a Malawian man holder of Diploma in Legal Studies and wants to do LLB (HONS)Degree needing fully funded scholarship.

  • I am an international and diplomatic studies in national open university of Nigeria. I really need this scholarship to further my education to the highest level. Thank you

  • I am langat from kenya and have a first degree in business management(purchasing and supplies option)…plix help me to get scholarship to further my studies in masters in procurement and logistics in abroad.

  • am Robert from Rwanda and I hold bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship Development and management…please help me to get scholarship to further my studies in masters in Business Adminstration abroad.please consider me. thank you

  • I am a Malawian holding Bachelors Degree in Counseling Psychology . May you please help me with a fully funded scholarship to further my studies in Masters in Organization Psychology.

  • This is one golden opportunity that I have always been waiting for but unfortunately am being challenged by finance. Am a Nigerian , please help me to fulfilled my dream with your kind assistant in order for me to do my Master’s programme in chemical engineering

  • I am Shahbaz Ali from Pakistan. please give me scholarship.i want to studies but i don\’t have any source to continue my studies.please give a chance…I really thank full to you.

  • I am Alfan shaban from Tanzania,aged in 22 years since I have born, am form six leaver and am really interested to be given a scholarship to study abroad bachelor of art with education and public administration.But I do not have an ability to sponser myself to studies so I request for a free scholarship. thanks.

  • I am Mamush from Ethiopia and have a first degree in Tourism Management and i want to help me to get scholarship to further my studies in masters in Economics.

  • am David Simfukwe from Zambia I would love to study abroad but I luck school support so if any please support me and I won\’t let u down my field of study is chemical engineering

  • Am Andrew I need support for a south Sudanese refugee in Uganda. I got admitted at one if top universities here for civil engineering but because of finance I was unable to join this August

  • Hi I\’m a Ugandan with a bachelor\’s degree in education economics/geography but wish to enroll for masters in any field related to economics
    May you please consider me if there is any opportunity

  • Good morning Dear sir/Madame
    Iam very happy to hear about scholarship which are provaded wwith your University;

    However , I do come kindly for beging a scholarship under your authority, I \’d like to inform that I \’ve got four years of university in political science and administration .

    So, for more details I may send you my application form.
    Thanks for your help.

  • I am Awa from Cameroon. I just obtained an Msc degree in Economics. I wish to further my studies in any related field for PhD. I badly need a scholarship for this. I will be glad if you update me about any opportunities in your University. Thanks in advance.

  • I\’m in South Africa I really need the scholarship and I want to study BEng(Mechatronics) .I will be glad if you updated me about any opportunity in your university.Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, am from Cameroon and It has always been my dream to study in USA or any European Country.will b glad if I can\’t b grant free scholarship to study under social Affairs .will be anxiously waiting

  • I am of Central African nationality. In the search for a highly qualified training, I am interested in this school.

  • I am a Kenyan I sat for my form 4 exam 2015 and got a mean great of B- but due to financial problems I have not been able to continue with my education plz plz if there is any schorlaship information me and I will be greatfull

  • Hi my name is Habtamu Legese.i have bachelory degree in medical Laboratory .i wont to learn biomedicen could you help me

  • greetings my name is markengler Emmanuel
    I just had my GCE advance level in Cameroon and I am looking for a way to study abroad please can any one help me
    Thanks for reading

  • Hi my name is Essential msebele, it will be such an honour and life changing opportunity to get this scholarship. I would like to do Film and tv Production and Financial management.

  • It\’s a great opportunityfor me but I would like to know whether you offer law courses because I want to be a lawyer

  • i am kindly requsting for a full scholarship since my mother is unable to pay for my education fee.We are six therefore making her so difficult, please,i need assistance.

  • I wish to apply for a scholarship but not chemical Engineering. I would prefer if it was nursing….

  • I\’m Getachew from Ethiopia, I have bachelor degree in biotechnology and I want to study Msc degree in Environmental/Medical biotechnology. thank you for your cooperation

  • I need to get the scholarship to study a bachelor degree in public health.

  • thanks so much for this great opportunity ….i will be very happy if i am being giving a scholarship to study I.T

  • hi madam ELIZABETH BAY LOCKSMITH,my name is PHILIMON ELIUDI from Tanzania, can i be your friend? am seeking for full scholarship too,

  • hello,thank you so much but,for me i wished to have a medical course because3 am interested in the health sector.

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