University of Dundee Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in UK, 2018-2019

College education online can be a thing. Pair it with the online bachelor degree and you have sketched out a world where education has been turned into bits and bytes hightailing it down fiber cables.

Be that as it may, this burgeoning mode of education has its right place under the sun and we will not try to refute this claim, frivolous as it may seem. College education onlinehas helped a lot of struggling students and financially ailing youngsters of a learning turn of mind to get a taste of what true academia may be like.

As a result, such students are then more likely to seek ways of obtaining their bachelor degree, and an online bachelor degree is never too bad a thing.

Let us examine the proposal by the University of Dundee. The university offers great scholarship for qualified full-time undergraduate students who are starting in September 2018. The candidates need to be citizens of the United Kingdom or the European Union. However, overseas students may also apply.

The scholarship is handed in a number of project, ranging from Film Studies to European Studies, Physics and Mechanical Engineering. The choices are a fair few!

Overall, the award is estimated at GBP25,000. Students take up to GBP5,000 per year if they are overseas fee-status applicants.

In order to qualify for the scholarship you will need to meet several criteria:

  • You need to be classified as an overseas fee student, a status handed by the University of Dundee
  • You must meet all academic prerequisites
  • You must obtain a qualification in the scholarship offer

Students must have their previous degree with them when applying, which is a prerequisite for application. The applicants are expected to demonstrate a fluency in English.

Additional scholarships in the United Kingdom are available at the following link. The deadline is set for 1 February 2018.

Again, online scholarships can be quite tempting, Even online college education is quite useful these days. Eventually, online education may elbow mainstream education out of the game. We could not for sure. However, in the meantime, do not pass up on the many great scholarships out there which may prove exactly what you need to advance your studies.


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