St. John’s University Academic Scholarships for International Students in USA, 2018

University online degrees are easily obtainable these days. How? Well you have your online universities for that, and that is as much as common sense tells you. However, before boldly going where so many Millennials have plunged ferociously, let us just consider, for a moment, what online university degrees entail and how is it so that universities have been mushrooming out of nowhere at what appears to be a rapid clip.

We understand that online universities have appeared in response to a growing demand for education. The world has never been more literate in its past than it is today. But with this literacy, the pursuit of higher education has intensified while the bastions of higher education joined a dangerous fray of out-playing one another by various criteria – the best equipped lab, the most distinguished researchers, and so forth. With this pursuit of, should we say, self-importance, universities got out of touch with their students and began to cater to only a select group of students.

Online universities are coming in time to offer an alternative way of students to go into higher education and there is just about no shame in that. Online universities are now trying to outpace mainstream universities not only in terms of enrollment rate, but also in the quality of the service they are offering, which is pretty much the preserve of those mainstream age-old institutions.

Luckily for the behemoths, they still have ways of attracting students, mostly through scholarships which offer to knock the burdensome financial costs in one lick. The St. John’s University has a great offer for full-time undergraduate youngster of learning bent of mind.

The scholarship is awarded based on the student’s academic merit, and there is little surprise in that. Its value is $14,000, which is earmarked for tuition costs. The scholarship is taken exclusively in the USA.

Applicants are obliged to have a high-school degree before they can apply for it. Still, International candidates are welcome to apply. The application deadline is set for 15 November 2017.

Other than that, students may find out more about the scholarship on its website here. Do give this scholarship a go, as it may truly help you in life and help shape up your future.

143 Comments on “ St. John’s University Academic Scholarships for International Students in USA, 2018 ”

  • I will love to further my studies in any university college abroad in order to gather more knowledge for my future career. If granted the funds, i will be most grateful

  • i am university student now in Ethiopia .but we are not learning now at all, because of dispute between people and government. so it is preferable for me to go abroad and continue my education. so please assist me.

  • l want to start my university degree,l wish to be assisted by you so that l will build my future career.l wish if you grant me an opportunity l will be grateful l thank you

  • yes, we need your support here in butembo congo kinshasa, please do quick we are wait , i want to start my degree pastoral in butembo congo kinshasa .thank you so much yours MUHINDO KIKHA GEDEON, IN BUTEMBO CONGO KINSHASA.

  • Dear Sir
    i am in need of a scholarship towards an Honorary Doctorate Degree which i was awarded by the international University of Morality in FLORIDA(a christian)University.The cost is 1,000 US which i do not have It is a year since i have been trying to get help.
    Thank u for your help.

  • l want to start master degree,l wish to be assisted by you so that l will build my future career.l wish if you grant me an opportunity l will be grateful l thank you

  • I am Franciscan from Ghana I want to apply for an CNA in USA and I would be glade if u give me a free scholarship to sturdy der pls

  • Hi, My name is Adama Josiah please help me with my school issue have just completed my high school i need scholarship to enter college my parents don\’t have the way to pay my collage fees
    Thanks God bless
    Waiting on my reply, good luck to me

  • I want to study bachelor\’s of business administration here in Zambia where I live, I have the qualification for the university but I don\’t have funds or any sponsor to sponsor. I will be glad if I can be connected to a sponsor please…

  • i want to study degree in education in Kenya how i do ask if i may be granted that chance it shall be well with therefore looking forward for your response.

  • Hi There,

    I would like to have an opportunity to study or be granted funding for my University studies even online i dont mind as i would like to continue and accuire a degree in B Admin.

    Your assistnace is highly appreciated

  • I want to get the golden apportunity i would like to help me these schoolership

    My name omar musa and i\’m somali
    Thanks alot.

  • I am BUGASHANE Plaisir,
    I am really very interested with this scholarship, and I could request your support to grant me this opportunity, so that I can continue with my education that I normally consider as the key of life.

  • am from Ghana I have completed high school long time without any help to continue my studies so please help me to continue my studies.

  • Please help me to study I am from Namibia had obtain my Senior National Certificate in Cape Town from Groote Schuur High School

  • Am MUGONDE ISAAC from Uganda. I have completed my secondary studies (senior 6) and earned 09 points.I would like to join university.I will be grateful if am positively considered of your support.
    God bless you.

  • i am currently a student at cape peninsula university of technology and it would mean a lot to me if i receive this scholarship as i have been struggling to pay for the fees

  • Am Cornelius from Kenya
    Am currently studying Actuarial science
    How will get an opportunity of studying abroad

  • I will like to ask for a chance to study online or any university it will be a dream come through if am granted scholarship to study my dream coures.

  • My name is HIBACK HASSAN Omar ,i want from you to please help me with my school issue .i have just completed my high school i need scholarship to enter college my parents don\\’t have the way to pay my collage fees
    Thanks God bless
    Waiting on my reply.

  • Am really in need of this scholaship to pursue my masters degree in any natural resource related program your positive response wil be highly appreciated.

  • Hi may i apply for this scholarship in other to further my education to a higher level. I want to study medicine please help me.

  • hello, my name is Issa and I\’m a high school leaver last year 2017 in PCB (physics, chemistry and biology) , I got 67/73 aggregates in national examinations, I passed well despite the hardship struggles and complicated life at my home so that my only mom and I can not afford the fee for university so I\’d like to ask you for financial support to help me pursue either medicine, pharmacy or nursing with this opportunity as it\’s my dream to help the sick people since I was young , please I beg you to help me make my dreams come true and I\’m hopeful , I shall be grateful if I\’m granted this opportunity , thanks in advance, I\’m looking forward to hear from you
    phone no:+250780455933 or +250725581330

  • Hi, My name is Omnia from Oman and I am in the 11th grade and the next year is the last year for me in the school and then I will go to university. I am excellent in English and I got 93% in the first semester. I hope to complete my university studies abroad and specifically in Britain

  • hi nashon Mussa from Tanzania lam in highly desire to get scholarship in doctoral first degree on June 2020 hoping that you will put it into consideration.

  • Hi.
    Am Aiah Kwefessie From Sierra Leone. I received your news letter with regards to the scholarship offered by your institution. I will appreciaate if you become one of the benefitiaries of this scholarship.
    Looking foward to hearing from you.

  • I am Somalia national currently
    a refugee in Uganda capital city Kampala
    I would like to pursue
    my education could you let me
    know I if quality for the scholarship
    sir or madam help me

  • Hello staff, I\’m a Cameroonian by nationality and a holder of a high school certificate. Please help me get a scholarship to study in USA, I\’ll be very grateful. Thanks

  • I will love to further my studies in any university college abroad in order to gather more knowledge for my future career. If granted the funds, i will be most grateful.

    I am a full time civil servant as Assistant Procurement Officer if your institution grant me a scholarship i would link to further my carrier in procurement, i currently have National diploma in public procurement and certificate in CIPS.

    ANSU Njie
    the Gambia
    Tel: +(220) 3153963/6213851/7893069

  • I am using this medium to signify interest in obtaining scholarship to further my studies. I just finished my first degree in University of Ibadan, Nigeria where I studied Aquaculture & Fisheries Mgt.
    I would be glad if granted.


  • I am student university at this time.
    I studying Electrical & Computer Engineering.Even though,I have not learned in properly.Bcoz, in our country there is no sufficient materials for give full knowledge on what we studied.Due to that,I want to join free scholarship.I would be glade if you give me free scholar ship.If it is chance broadly,please contact me by the following phone number:+251949506100

  • I am mensah Atta Kofi Isaac, A Ghanaian.Five years after I completed my SHS, finding it difficult to enter into university of education winneba. And I will be very glad if could grant me a scholarship this very year when I get admission. Thank you.


  • Am Bugembe Ibrahim from Uganda and am greatly seeking for being amougst those to benefit from the program because many people in my community look up to me for help in the near future

  • HI,I\’m kodjo from TOGO .I need this scholarchip to continue my master,I don\’t have money but I have a dream help my country to developpe
    thank you

  • I\’m Maira David From Tanzania east Africa currently I\’m at The open university of Tanzania taking Bachelor of Community economic second year.Therefore i\’m for scholarship or sponsors for Masters studies next year

  • Hellow
    I am from ethiopia and graduated this year with water resource enginering. and i will be pleased if you can help me to upgrade my self so that i can help my continent,my country as well as my self .I\’m waiting for your reply .Thank you alot.

  • I have a degree in soil and water engineering,i want to have a master degree .please help & consider my application

  • Hello I am robera from Ethiopia and I want to study in us because in my country there is no enough quality education so I want to help my self and my country plz help me

  • I\’m benerd motha from Mpumalanga
    i completed my matric last year and i applied for university level. I\’m in need of a grant for my studies since i have no support. I\’m earning a foster care grant so it\’s not enough for paying my fees.
    i need help pls

  • Dear Sir/Madam
    i lke to be a studant of Western cape so please i need the schoolarship to improve my goal i will be happy when u regardly.

  • Dear Sir/Madam

    first of all i would like to thank you for this golden opportunity and i would like to study business administration .

  • My greatest wish in life is to study abroad, but my only obstacle is lack of financial support. I only beg for that opportunity to have a scholarship and go study at a reputable university abroad. I will be very glad if this board grant me this scholarship to go study in USA.

  • it is my wish to study abroad, but the only obstacle is lack of financial support . I will be grand if this board will grant me this scholarship to go and study in USA.

  • Hi! I am James G. T. Waylee a Liberian and University graduate BSc in general Agriculture, 3.217 Grade Point I am more interested to further my study, basically Master program in the below three but one of them will be preferable
    1. Agronomy
    2. Conservation
    3. Animal science

  • Hello I\’m George Keah,I\’m glade of this opportunity but the only big problem right now is that,I don\’t have the money so I will be happy if I\’m granted this scholarship for the United States.

  • I\’m Uwamahoro Solange , I want to study in university undergraduate, in USA , or UK my needs is to get full tuitions scholarship fees in social work or architecural technology systems
    Thank you for your support
    Uwamahoro Solange

  • My name is agumas malede i want strictly to learn my msc degree but l haven\’t any mony to pay so please help to learn my msc degree.

  • for 2 year I Graduated Bachelor in Eletrical Engineering from Ethiopian University and I have not the job,there is a racial and poltical upriseing in my country. I realy want to learn Mastre but apoor boy I have not money please help me to learn free fully funded

  • Dear sir i have high diploma in civil engineering, i am suppose to go for degree in civil engineering but i don\’t have money am a total opharn and am from Uganda. Please if you can help me sponsor for me my studies

  • i am 2016/17 graduate of mechanical engineering undergraduate program. please as a female candidate need your scholarship on masters degree program especially sustainable energy and related stream. am fascinating to get the chance and hopefully i will be selected regards thanks.

  • Hello i\’m a student i really wish to study in USA. I\’m very interested on the scholarship that you grant for study . I\’m holling a high school degree certificate and studying stenotypie in the universite . I wish and hope to be one of those who will have that chance

  • hey sir I want scholarship to study international relationship or management in aboard please help me to achieve that dream of mine.

  • Hello ! I\’m Gentille Uwera! I wanted to apply in this University about computer programimg lesson.. I wish I would get a full scholarship from you,I would really appreciate! be blessed!

  • I am from Ethiopia and graduated this year with hydraulic and water resource engineering. and i will be pleased if you can help me to upgrade my self so that i can help my continent,my country as well as my self .I am waiting for your reply .Thank you a lot.

  • I need to continue my studies. As I\’m pharmacist I\’d like this opportunity for a master degree for example in pharmacology, nutrition, biology, etc. I need your support. Thank you

  • Hi my name is Samuel jigso , and I am from Ethiopia. I have Bsc in nursing. I want to learn my Msc in Nurse practitioner. please give me this chance….

  • Hi so what\’s my duty I want study in computer engineering and technology ! I need scholarship for completing the problems

  • Yes, I need scholarship in order to learn bachelor related with natural resource in Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania

  • Thanks for the above fantastic information.
    am onesmus Aryankwasa from uganda, I would like to be offered such a scholarship in order to achieve the best in the line of education.thanks a lot.

  • I will love to further my studies in any university college abroad in order to gather more knowledge for my future career. If granted the funds, i will be most grateful

  • Hie my name is Willard Gonese. I\’m a boy aged 19. I have recently completed my A level and got O7 points at A level Zimsec result. By the grace of God I\’m looking 4 a scholarship to do cybersecurity

  • Hi my name is Abdullah salisu lam a boy of 25 year I recently completed my a level and I got admission from nsuk but I want a scholarship to study in london

  • lam Katebe Alex, l need your help so as to do my further studies in the field of law. please do help me, l rely on your support.

  • I am Emilia doing a diploma in accounting and auditing at the university of Namibia first year I really need financial help to finish my education both my parents are not working my nasfaf loan rejected to pay for me I am really looking for a scholarship or for someone to sponsor my education I am the only girl in my family that made it to unam I really want to take care of my family my uncle and aunt have a big family and can not afford for the university fees , accommodation ,food and cosmetics anymore thank you

  • Hello my names are Bwalya Nsofwa am a 24 year old zambian male.i will very much apprecaite it if a full shcolarship for studing medicine be granted to me cause being a doctor and saving peoples lives is my passion am unable to persue my dream cause of my poor financial back ground hope my request will be granted u wont be disappointed i know so.. Thank you

  • Hello, I am Derrick J. Atitsu. I will be grateful if I can be given this grant to further my studies in Disease Control and surveillance. I currently have a diploma in this field and will want to upgrade to a Bachelor\’s degree.
    Please, help me.
    Thank you.

  • I am in search of educational help to complete my education and make my dream come true, can you people please help me now? May God wish me good luck! Thanks.

  • Hi ! I will be so glad if I get full scholarship access abroad from you, for I have a great passion of learning very specially concerning technology. For this access, I can even make agreement with you if you want to; all I want is your help so that I can get myself there with my dream. I am a 3rd year computer science student simply learning theory in the University where I am now, and can you snatch me out of this dark area please ?

  • Is there anything like we, because I don\’t believe all this. I think of how to build my tomorrow with the help of someone but I cant still see that someone

  • Good morning.. I have a passion of studying but luck of financial support is the biggest problem.. I would really appreciate to have a full scholarship from you
    ..please help.

    chishimba kalwa +260977724561

  • Hi I will be very glad to get a scholarship grant from you I wish to sturdy abroad i wish to sturdy Medicine and wish to get financial help

  • I am Clement Ogar, a Nigerian by birth….. currently having hard times both financially and otherwise in pursuing a degree in medicine.
    My hope, belief and passion to making a good doctor had kept me aspiring all these years, but have not yet succeeded.
    kindly help refer me to any such opportunities to studying abroad and I\’ll be super grateful
    Thanks for informing me
    I\’m honored
    God bless you Sir/Ma

  • please is it possible to apply for scholarship abroad right after secondary school. please assist me.

  • I am a lady by the name of Redges Muleya, from Zambia. I have been admitted to study a doctorate programme in Gender at the University of Zambia. I am in need of the financial assistant to complete my programme. Kindly assist me.

  • l want to start my university degree,l wish to be assisted by you so that l will build my future career.l wish if you grant me an opportunity l will be grateful l thank you

  • I am very happy to get your scholar, I study in Ethiopian University MBA in Finance. and now I want to get related department from your University

  • Hi sir. I am Lansanah J. Kanneh, a Liberian with a bachelor degree in mining engineering but want to further my study that is, attain a master in any of the below disciplines.
    Mineral processing
    Drill and blast engineering
    Chemical and process engineering
    Sir, this can not be achieved due to lack of finance as my country is one of the poorest on the face of earth.I would appreciate highly were you to afford me scholarship that will allow me realize my dream and to also be able to meaningfully contribute towards the growth and development my country and the world at large.

  • I am grateful to the Almighty God for this wonderful scholarship. I am a Liberian and are graduate from the Bassa Seventh Day Adventist High School in Buchanan. And I hope in case of anythings are could like to apply for this scholarship to be able to studies in America. thanks

  • I really want to study abroad but my biggest problem is financial problem. I hope that you will help me reach my dreams. Thank you.

  • I want to increase my knowledge ,,,,so that I can a good service to the nation ,,currently holding a diploma in radiography ,,,but I want to further study my career,, if l get the funds I will be greatful

  • I wanna study far and be of use to my country and the world at large I therefore need financial support

  • This is is a timely support to needy students to achieve their dream carrier. I wish you could extent the scholarships to other professional courses too. Iam a student of MPH in one of the universities in USA, can I benefit from your scholarship on top-up basis?

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