St. John’s University Academic Scholarships for International Students in USA, 2018

University online degrees are easily obtainable these days. How? Well you have your online universities for that, and that is as much as common sense tells you. However, before boldly going where so many Millennials have plunged ferociously, let us just consider, for a moment, what online university degrees entail and how is it so that universities have been mushrooming out of nowhere at what appears to be a rapid clip.

We understand that online universities have appeared in response to a growing demand for education. The world has never been more literate in its past than it is today. But with this literacy, the pursuit of higher education has intensified while the bastions of higher education joined a dangerous fray of out-playing one another by various criteria – the best equipped lab, the most distinguished researchers, and so forth. With this pursuit of, should we say, self-importance, universities got out of touch with their students and began to cater to only a select group of students.

Online universities are coming in time to offer an alternative way of students to go into higher education and there is just about no shame in that. Online universities are now trying to outpace mainstream universities not only in terms of enrollment rate, but also in the quality of the service they are offering, which is pretty much the preserve of those mainstream age-old institutions.

Luckily for the behemoths, they still have ways of attracting students, mostly through scholarships which offer to knock the burdensome financial costs in one lick. The St. John’s University has a great offer for full-time undergraduate youngster of learning bent of mind.

The scholarship is awarded based on the student’s academic merit, and there is little surprise in that. Its value is $14,000, which is earmarked for tuition costs. The scholarship is taken exclusively in the USA.

Applicants are obliged to have a high-school degree before they can apply for it. Still, International candidates are welcome to apply. The application deadline is set for 15 November 2017.

Other than that, students may find out more about the scholarship on its website here. Do give this scholarship a go, as it may truly help you in life and help shape up your future.

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  • I will love to further my studies in any university college abroad in order to gather more knowledge for my future career. If granted the funds, i will be most grateful

  • i am university student now in Ethiopia .but we are not learning now at all, because of dispute between people and government. so it is preferable for me to go abroad and continue my education. so please assist me.

  • l want to start my university degree,l wish to be assisted by you so that l will build my future career.l wish if you grant me an opportunity l will be grateful l thank you

  • yes, we need your support here in butembo congo kinshasa, please do quick we are wait , i want to start my degree pastoral in butembo congo kinshasa .thank you so much yours MUHINDO KIKHA GEDEON, IN BUTEMBO CONGO KINSHASA.

  • Dear Sir
    i am in need of a scholarship towards an Honorary Doctorate Degree which i was awarded by the international University of Morality in FLORIDA(a christian)University.The cost is 1,000 US which i do not have It is a year since i have been trying to get help.
    Thank u for your help.

  • l want to start master degree,l wish to be assisted by you so that l will build my future career.l wish if you grant me an opportunity l will be grateful l thank you

  • I am Franciscan from Ghana I want to apply for an CNA in USA and I would be glade if u give me a free scholarship to sturdy der pls

  • Hi, My name is Adama Josiah please help me with my school issue have just completed my high school i need scholarship to enter college my parents don\’t have the way to pay my collage fees
    Thanks God bless
    Waiting on my reply, good luck to me

  • I want to study bachelor\’s of business administration here in Zambia where I live, I have the qualification for the university but I don\’t have funds or any sponsor to sponsor. I will be glad if I can be connected to a sponsor please…

  • i want to study degree in education in Kenya how i do ask if i may be granted that chance it shall be well with therefore looking forward for your response.

  • Hi There,

    I would like to have an opportunity to study or be granted funding for my University studies even online i dont mind as i would like to continue and accuire a degree in B Admin.

    Your assistnace is highly appreciated

  • I want to get the golden apportunity i would like to help me these schoolership

    My name omar musa and i\’m somali
    Thanks alot.

  • I am BUGASHANE Plaisir,
    I am really very interested with this scholarship, and I could request your support to grant me this opportunity, so that I can continue with my education that I normally consider as the key of life.

  • am from Ghana I have completed high school long time without any help to continue my studies so please help me to continue my studies.

  • Please help me to study I am from Namibia had obtain my Senior National Certificate in Cape Town from Groote Schuur High School

  • Am MUGONDE ISAAC from Uganda. I have completed my secondary studies (senior 6) and earned 09 points.I would like to join university.I will be grateful if am positively considered of your support.
    God bless you.

  • i am currently a student at cape peninsula university of technology and it would mean a lot to me if i receive this scholarship as i have been struggling to pay for the fees

  • Am Cornelius from Kenya
    Am currently studying Actuarial science
    How will get an opportunity of studying abroad

  • I will like to ask for a chance to study online or any university it will be a dream come through if am granted scholarship to study my dream coures.

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