Andrew Witty Entrepreneurial Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Nottingham in UK, 2018

Let us take a look at online universities out there and online colleges. There are two alternatives mode of education that have been gaining a lot of traction lately. The limelight is now clearly on them. In their panic, traditional institutions of higher education have attempted to emulate them in the hopes of making their offerings more attractive.

However it is not their offerings that need to be made more attractive. It is the costs of education that need to be slashed down, drastically, we dare say. What we mean to suggest is that for the most part, costs of education today are so exorbitant that we can hardly see the majority of would-be students, even the most academically apt ones, enrolling in university. Studying a sophisticated degree requires students to put in incredibly long hours. Everything has been monetized. In other words, you would get advice not to enroll in a particularly subject because you may not get back your investment and be laden with student burden that goes well below the reasonable.

We however will quickly suggest that there are alternatives. Those are called scholarships and their number has been shooting up to clamp down on online universities and online colleges.

Today we examine the scholarship up for grabs at the University of Nottingham and the Andrew Witty Entrepreneurial Undergraduate Scholarship. The scholarship is available for undergraduate students.

The scholarship is estimated at GBP1,500 for living costs. In addition you get GBP2,000 for summer project support. Another advantage of the scholarship is that you will receive an internship with a student start-up business.

The scholarship may be taken in the UK.

A list of criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The student must be trying to enroll in the autumn of 2017 and be in his first year at the University of Nottingham
  • In addition, the student will need a Home funding status
  • The student’s household income should be between GBP0-GBP35,000.

Only resident of the UK may apply for the scholarship. The deadline is set for 10 November 2017. In addition, when applying, the candidate must submit a statement, which should not exceed 500 words.

Students must be prepared to furnish all necessary documents before the deadline is out. The earlier you apply, the better.


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