Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships at Charles Sturt University in Australia, 2018

Accredited online universities and the college education online available today have been making a huge splash in the world of education as a whole. Let us face it, in our age of hyperconnectivity, it is a small wonder that such alternatives of education should spring up from the ground.

But accredited online universities do not simply pilfer traditional education. They add value to it. They tackle snags that have been otherwise impeding and downright preventing people from attending schools. They address the issue with exorbitant prices. They dispense with shabby infrastructure in one go. You will never again need to wonder how you’d get up for your online college education online. The notion is rather silly, isn’t it?

And indeed, online colleges and their likes have been offering a great opportunity for people who cannot attend mainstream institutions, for one reason or another, to enroll and get a taste of what real education is like.

Let us consider a scholarship now. It has little to do with online education, but it is pertinent to our argument. Traditional universities still have a rightful place under the sun. And with a good reason too. The Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship has been made available by the Charles Sturt University in Australia for 2018.

The scholarship targets international  students who want to either take a Bachelor or a Master degree.

There is a slew of scholarships you can dib your sticky paws in and peel away with as many of those as you like.

Some of the subjects include Accounting, Applied Science, Business Studies, Creative Arts and Design, Criminal Justice, Science Management, Sports Science, Radiations Science, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Social Science or Social Work, Customs Administration, Professional Accounting, and of course Information Technology.

The scholarship offers to cover $5,000 and $10,000 in tuition fees for students enrolled for the first semester of 2018. Overall, there are 12 scholarships worth $10,000 in tuition fees and 10 scholarships worth $5,000, also for tuition fees, throughout the year.

In order to be eligible for the program, you will need to be a full-time international students in the first semester of 2018. Not a bad trade off all things considered.

You will need an academic GPA of 5/7 or ¾.



184 Comments on “ Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships at Charles Sturt University in Australia, 2018 ”

  • I want to have a bachelor degree in psycology.. I need this scholarship car se my parents can\’t support my education. I hope i can get this scholarship.. Im from Philippines

  • I am Rwandan,I did clinical Psychology at University, So, I wish to continue my studies in my domain , a Masters program in Psychology at your University. I will be glad when you consider my request.Thank you in advance.

  • Hello
    Im a Cameroonian currently living in my country. I just read through your scholarship guide and realised those eligible for a scholarship should have a GPA of 3/4. Owing to this GPA I should say I\’m disqualified but shouldn\’t say I\’m discouraged. I have a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy with a GPA of 2.92/4. Im aware that you said eligibility for a scholarship is on a GPA of 3/4 but I have not relent my urge to be granted a scholarship by telling you a had a GPA of 2.92/4. Life is unpredictable, however I could by chance be awarded a scholarship for Master\’s in Physiotherapy with a GPA of 2.92. Sorry I\’m insistent.

  • I am Cameroonian with a Bachelors degree in nursing science(2012) from the university of Buea with a GPA of 3.25/4. I just read the above scholarship offer and will like enrol in the Masters program in Psychology . With a 3yrs work experience and having English as my first language I greatly hope I meet the criteria to be offered this scholarship. While hoping to receive a favourable reply , thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.

  • I am a Nigerian with a Bachelor degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture (2012) from the university of Calabar with a GPA of 2. 9/4. I just read the above scholarship offer and will like to enrol in the Masters program in Applied Science. With 4 years working experience and having English as my first language I greatly hope I meet the criteria to be offered this scholarship. While anticipating a favourable reply , thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.

  • Hi Friends, am Thomas Mboya Abongo from Country Kenya, am much interested in studying bachelor in financial economics.
    Please i am unable to afford the fees for this course neither do i have any friend to assist in this.
    Please I therefore appeal for support TO HELP ME ACHIEVE MY DREAM.


  • Hi am Luutu Wycliff a Ugandan and l request for assistance so that l do my bacholars in Theology to be a good leader to my church and the community where I love.

  • Am stellah venance from Tanzania a nurse midwife i need this opportunity in order to take bachelor of midwife or medical legal in the campus but the challenge is tuition fee .ihope from you thanks alot

  • Helo am RWANDESE and my name is NIYOMUKIZA John i would rily like you to consider me under your scholarship program.i first studied a bachelors in information technology for two yrs then my father passed away so i had to stop so becouse i had no i will be waiting for your response.thank you.

  • Hi,am Bwire Joseph from Uganda, am Rilly interested in a bachelors scholarship, I did(biology, agriculture and geography) in high school, thanks

  • I am Ethiopian and Would you kindly accept my willingness to study public administration, international relations, public health or computer science in the US, Canada, UK or anywhere in Europe on scholarship.
    Am readily available for any eventuality.
    Thank you for consideration

  • Please I am an undergraduate from Ghana and haven\’t furthered my education due to financial constraints but i wish to study abroad with a scholarship. Please help me achieve this dream. Thank you

  • I am in need of scholarship to earn my degree in Human Management Resources my family failed because of poverty.So lam in need of help

  • Hi my name is Emmanuel and a deaf person from Nigeria. I am 24years old and I am a high school student I have completed my high school on last two year. It\\\\’s my pleasure to join my university education on abroad universities. I am requesting for your financial support due to lack of enough money in our family and I wish to study business, IT or economics and any of your vacants. I hope my request will be considered thank you. I would love to further my study I need funds I am interested in the scholarship. please if I’m blessed let me get this scholarship I really want it
    help me to achieve on my dreams
    thank you.

  • Hy may name is sekyanzi Ibrahim i have a diploma musicfrom big university in Uganda which is KYAMBOGO university i want a scholarship in information technologyto study abroad ir out of Uganda thank u.

  • I am a Kenyan with a diploma in Counseling Studies and sexual & reproductive health research. I would like to pursue my dream by studying Psychology. I will highly appreciate your assistance in geting ascholarship. Thanks.

  • hi i have a bachelor degree in chemistry with a total commulative GPA of 3.79 and now i want to study the Masters degree in any chemistry fields. thanks for your help

  • My Names are Oola Godfrey Maya:

    I need of scholarship to earn my degree in Business Management/Admninistration, we live below $1 doller per day, it\’s hard to get a job and earn for school fees.

  • Hello Admin,
    My names are Paul Mutondo from Zambia. My career aspiration is to do Computer Science or Computer engineering. I am interested in the above mentioned scholarship because I feel that it can help me achieve my career goal to attain a bachelors degree that can help me contribute to changing technology in this world. I will appreciate your response.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Administration Staffs,

    Gibson Jason is my name, I am one of the current student of Pacific Adventist University. I am studying theology here, however; I have currently facing a financial struggles. I have completed two years (2016-2017) and tow more years to be completed (2018-2019), but I am now financially struggling to get registerd so please would your scholarship department financially help me so that I can complete my studies and then after that i can move on to study Accounting in your instititution because I have a GPA of 2.7/4.
    thank you very much

  • Hello
    Am Brian from Uganda. I would like to persue a scholarship in Bachelors degree of human medicine. (I did Biology Chemistry and Mathematics in Advanced level studies)

  • I need this scholarship to fulfill my dream,i complete my grade 12 i pass physics and mathematics with level 4 ,also life science level 4.i want to be a nurse, i hope my request will be successful

  • Hello Administration Staff!
    My name is Muhammad Amjad. I am doing M.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture, Plant Breeding and Genetics at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad in Pakistan. Can I get some financial assistant or Scholarship for my education? because I am facing some financial problems.

  • I need free schorlaship to study abroad because I need to contribute positively to world development and without a sound education I can\’t achieved this goal

  • I am Buloze Byamungu David, Congolese citizeship. Holder of a bachelor(B+4) degree from Hope Africa University in Business Administration and Economics: Accountancy.
    5 years unemployed from the end; unable to fund my Masters degree; having thirst of filling up my studies and getting these scholarships available give me the hope for the rest of events. Ready for either Accounting, Business studies, Professional Accounting…
    I have a total outright of, a round 2.9-3.00 GPA.
    and hope your University consider my social weakness that interposed itself between my commitment and realization.

    Best regards


  • I am Peace Onwueyi a Nigerian please I need this undergraduate scholarship. I have once gotten an admission into University of Port Harcourt but due to financial challenge I could not afford to do the program. I saw my myself in the school in my dreams every day. Please God will bless you if you grant me this request.

  • I am very happy to rate this expencive chance that the world give as and i hope to be member of the schollershipp students thanks all of u

  • I am Mirriam Banda from Malawi ,please I need an undergraduate scholarship in Australia for better education standards please consider my request .

    Thank you in advance

  • Hello People,
    I am Ugandan with a UACE certificate indicating good grades in Maths,Chemistry ,Physics and subsidiary ICT….am looking for an undergraduate scholarship to study computer engineering… Thanks in advance

  • hello i am ambaye from ethiopia i have bsc degree in computer science i am looking masters program scholarship to study information technology thanks in advance

  • HI good and kind people. am grateful for your generous .am in Kenya and i would like to study law, please help me and you will be blessed.thank you

  • my name is Tolasa Faye. I am from Ethiopia.I am 4the rear civil engineering student.I want to get this scholarship… PLEASE HELP ME

  • My name is Aster Girma from Ethiopia. I am a law Graduate from Addis Ababa University with extensive professional experience in the area of children and families; with major responsibilities of:
    – facilitating the access to free legal aid and psycho social support to victims;
    – facilitating family mediation as alternative to family disputes;
    – building capacities of justice professionals;
    – promoting research and data for reforming laws and programs as it enhances the realization of human rights of children and women;
    These professional background has raised my interest to pursue my education in social works that concentrate on families and children.
    Would I get your advise and support as to how I can make my ambition a reality.
    Appreciate your support.

  • i have completed my BS Accounting and Finance last year with two levels of CIMA ( certificate and operational). i want to continue my studies. if you consider me that will be proud for me.
    thak you in advance.

  • Hello!
    I want to study in Oxford university or Cambridge university at UK. Please give me whole information about scholarship, bursary and grants there. Moreover ,I want to go in medicines.

  • hello I need full scholarship in the master Of business administration please my names are Wellars habagusenga from Rwanda country just now I have bachelor degree in office administration and Management

  • HI..i am dilini from Sri lanka. I want to full scholarship for Business administration of Australia.Now i have Bachelor degree .

  • Hi I am Maipato Toloane from Lesotho. I want to study mechanical engineering in Tswane university at south Africa.I need full scholarship for the course .please help me.I want to be a mechanic by profession.

  • Hii sir I have completed my graduation.
    I am interested to do my post graduation so that I require your scholarship that will be helpful to me.

  • Good day,my name is olumuyiwa favour, am from Nigeria,I would like to study Biochemistry abroad.Thanks

  • hey my name is Asanele i would like to be counted on this schooler ship program and be informed about all the terms and conditions that have been applied thank you

  • Good day. I\’m from Uzbekistan. I want to study master degree abroad in Language Teaching. Please send me information about scholarships in this field.

  • Please I\’m in great need of this scholarship
    I\’ve just completed my Advance Level and wish to continue abroad
    Thanks alot

  • I want to study Master in Information technology but I am facing financial problems.
    How can I get this scholarship?

  • Hi I\’m asedi sambala from Tanzania I need scholarship to study in field of medical laboratory tech ( bachelor degree) please help me to achieve that thnks

  • hello am waider from Kenya i completed my form four course on the year 2016 en due to lack of funds i didnt make to continue with my studies. kindly asking for your support in term of sponsership at you university.

  • Hi, greetings I am Blaise Anguh Kwondigah a Cameroonian living in my country, I went through the scholarship award, and I wish to have a Bachelor degree in your school . Just had my Baccalaureate exams equivalent to to A Levels. I will be greteful if am selected for this scholarship.
    Thanks, Blaise Anguh Kwondigah

  • I want to have a phd degree in Management or finance.. I need this scholarship car se my parents can\\’t support my education. I hope i can get this scholarship.. Im from Pakistan… thanks

  • Am from Angola I really need this bussary to pay my studies, and many more since I don\’t have money to pay may school please! !!

  • Hey guys, I have a bachelor degree in Theology. I read about your scholarship, and I am interested for a masters degree studies in education leadership or Psychology.

  • Hello sir.
    I\’m looking for a free scholarship and I don\’t have any budget to pay .I hope have chance to take the free scholarship.

  • iam simon amukhoye from Kenya, currently iam at kca university doing financial accounting , iam an orphan it has come hard task for me to proceed with my studies my cousin who has paying my school fees pass on recently after I have joined the university, and I humble request if I may be I position to get this scholarship so that I may proceed with my studies and when I\’ll be financial stable in God,s grace I\’ll also give schorlaship to others so that they can be able to proceed with their studies.

  • Iam simon amukhoye from Kenya, currently iam at kca university and iam not in position to proceed with my studies due to financial unstable , I humble request if this organization can offer support me financial to UK to go and proceee with my studies for me validate my dream

  • Iam simon amukhoye from western part of Kenya, currently iam at kca university studying financial accounts , iam not in a position to proceed with my studies due to financial instability , I humble request if I may be given this scholarship so that I may validate my dreams

  • Hello! Myself Rohullah Muqbel I finished my BBA bachelor degree in 2018 from Bakhtar university in Kabul-Afghanistan i wish to get a chance of free scholarship i have lack of budget so i really need to be supported.

  • I am happy to receive your feedback but not sure whether my application will be granted positively so that I pas sue my masters in public health from Rev. Godeth -UGANDA

  • I am Festus santigie kanu, I am a Sierra Leonean based in Freetown. I went through your scholarships, I will appreciate if you allow me to study psychology in your college because I did a bachelor of education degree at Milton Margai College of Education and Technology.

  • I am Alhaasan Abdul Aziz from Ghana.I had a Diploma in Education and Degree in Basic Education. I would like to learn Educational Research or Educational Psychology from your noble if granted scholarship to further my career.Thank you.

  • Mwesigye Robert I am a rwandan who prefer to pasue Masters degree in either business studies or custom administration and given opportunity to acquire your scholarship would be good and courageous regards.

  • I am mbali from nqutu I like to get that schoolership to surprise my parents to show them I like to go farwad to make my dream come true to study VS.

  • As my mother is a single parents wish to see me achieved my goal I always pray to get this schoolership to study CA because even she alone but she was makes sure I finish metric but now she not work now i try hard to get this schoolership to be CA and I trust i can get it.

  • I am Andualem kassaw from Ethiopia and i am geography environmental study student at addis ababa i went to this chance you give me.

  • Dear Sir,
    I humbly write in respond to your scholarship program. I\’m NGONG EVARISTUS ,a Cameroonian of age 21. I completed my undergraduate degree in the university of Buea; Faculty of Education ,department of Educational psychology with a GPA of 3.19.I will be grateful if your institution offer me a chance in this wonderful scholarship program tto continue my career in psychology. While waiting, I keep on hearing from you.
    Thanks yours

  • Hi, I am Nickel Lee.
    I am an 18 year 0ld Jamaican boy who is seeking a scholarship to continue my studies in SPANISH.
    I did well in my CXC Spanish exam and I am currently in need of support to continue my studies in SPANISH.
    Anyone here can help?

  • Good day
    I\’m Thabiso from South Africa and i\’m seeking scholarship to further more with my studies so i believe and hope that you\’ll be able to help me guys i\’m really in need of financial scheme please.

  • Hi
    I/m Paseka from Lesotho I really need help to get this scholarship because I dont have money to pay for universities. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering and I want to further my studies.
    Can you help me please

  • Greetings
    I am Nembu Henshel from Cameroon, I wish to plea for an undergraduate scholarship to study Biotechnology/Chemical engineering.

  • I am Abdu Hussen from Ethiopia. I have first degree in Automotive Technology and Masters in Leadership and Good Governance. Now I am taking core courses to study PhD in industrial Economics. So I want to get online scholarship for first degree in Economics.

  • am from Nigeria, I want to start my bachelor degree but I don\’t have the fund,so please I interested on the scholarship

  • Hello

    I\\’m from Ethiopia. I\\’ve a degree
    in nursing and currently I\\’m
    working in one of the private
    hospital in Ethiopia. I would like to
    continue my studies by upgrading to
    physiotherapy or psychiatry. I will
    appreciate it if you grant me this

    Thank you

  • hi Kassbante from Tanzania working at KINDERCARE TEACHER\’S COLLAGE, plz may u assist me for further studies??

  • hy am rwandan am an undergraduate i want you to help me to get a scholarship to study medecine and health sciences .thank you so much

  • I am a Liberian from a world tone country in West Africa Call Liberia.

    I will be the happiest man if i am giving the opportunity to move on with my education,
    i am drop college drop out were i was studding Information Technology but i drop out due to my father death and my country is not willing to help or even my family so i am begging please to help move on with my education.


    As i look forward from hearing from you again

  • I am a Tanzanian, a third year student continuing with the degree program ( special needs education) I would like to know if I can be able to have full scholarship and sponsorship in masters level under this carrier of special needs education, after the accomplishment of my first degree program,as I want to acquire knowledge and skills which can be useful to my society and to transform my society from negative attitude towards those people with special needs to positive attitude. Thanks

  • Hie my name is Lazarus, I have a Banchelor degree in Musicology and Ethnochoreology, do you offer a Masters scholarship to that department

  • I am a Zambian.And my name is Mwansa help me with money , I want to complete my BS in radiography and one day study abroad at your Universities

  • I\’m in desperate need of this bursary as to me it can create the greatest opportunity to face empower with all the skills necessary to be a qualified security manager with my degree in security management.

  • I am a Kenyan, I would like to pursue bachelor in psychology in your college. kindly direct me how I can apply for the scholarship please. I will be grateful for your consideration.

  • hi I\’m levy and i want to have a bachelor degree of social work. but i need a lot of help for my tuition .i need a scholarship grant because i want to study in your school but i don\’t have budget for my studies. I am hoping for your consideration. thank you.

  • Hi! i am Florence Kawira from Kenya and I would like to take bachelor of psychology at your university. I am from a poor background and i wish to attain my dream. Please accept this my humble request to offer me a scholarship. i will be so grateful and thankful.

  • I am formanite with a m.phil degree inchemistry(2017) from the university ofFCC with a GPA of 3.0/4. I just read the above scholarship offer and will like enrol in PHD program in CHEMISTRY . I greatly hope I meet the criteria to be offered this scholarship. While hoping to receive a favourable reply , thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.

  • Am
    Anyoti Emmanuel innocent from Uganda
    I just did my a level in 2018 I need that scholarship i want to pasue my dream of bldoing information technology

    My contact is 0757490735

  • I want to have a degree in Archeaology.. I need this scholarship. my parents can’t support my education. I hope i can get this scholarship.. Im from Sri Lanka

  • Good morning, I\’m Providence DUSENGE from Rwanda,. I\’m a holder of a bachelor\’s degree in education and I wish to continue in Psychology or Social sciences. So, I\’m very interested for the scholarship.

  • Good day,my name is Juvenal , i am from Rwanda, i need this scholarship and I would like to study bachelor\’s in nursing.

  • Hello good afternoon. My name is Zinkeng Mirabel from Cameron.Please I wish that you support me to come do my degree program. There is too much insecurity now in my country as university students are the most targeted. The boys are being arrested every day and the girls raped. If you grant me this opportunity I shall be very greatful.

  • Hi, I been searching for Scholarship for almost 2 years, I want to became a pilot but its hard to pay.
    Could you please help me for this.
    I\’m Tetaake Tumera from Kiribati. 22 years old.

  • Am ready to do any course in accordance with the type of scholarship u may offer to me all am appealing is your help, either international or local, am Christopher lurient lungu a Zambian any positive and quick response will be appreciated

  • Thank you very much for being academically helpful to many people who have an academic need, I\’m a Tanzania holding BSc. Animal Science and MSc. Tropical Animal Production both of the Sokoine University of Agriculture with GPAs of 3.7 and 4.2 of 5 scale, respectively. Currently, I\’m working with Tanzania Livestock Research institute (TALIRI), I need to study PhD in Livestock studies, especially in chicken nutrition. Upon availability of financial sponsorship for PhD studies, please assist me.

  • I am Salim from Algeria. I work in Culture (Culture House). Please, I want to apply for a short term scholarship in your country

  • My name is Yakubu Ishaku I\’m a graduate, I study chemistry/Education I.e Bsc(Ed) I need a scholarship to further my studies on master if science, thanks.

  • The vice Chancellor
    Charles strut university
    With due great respect I want to say that I am Javid Ahmad Khan from Kashmir. I have recently passed my diploma in civil engineering and due lack of financial problems I can continue my it is humble respect to you to provide me scholarship for degree in civil engineering..
    Yours faithfully
    Javid Ahmad Khan

  • hi
    my name is kidus and i am from ethiopia i am good at school stuffs but i am think over my head what i am trying to say i want to go to this university because i want to get more education to my self my plan is to cure cancer and HIV,i know its hard but i have cure for cancer if u give me chance i will cure cancer and stop the death of people
    thanks for reading if you accept me email please

  • My name is Likia ,from Uganda just completed my High school. I have obtained good grades but I am financially disadvantaged so a sholarship to university is my only hope.I hope to be granted a sholarship thank you. God bless you

  • my name is Gemechu Ararsa from Ethiopia,Oromia,Ambo and requesting Masters Degree ( MPH ) scholarship, and thanks for u\’r positive responces.

  • Am Tanzanian,my name is Lissa Mruma am finish 4 education I wish to get scholarship of business and financed

  • Currently taking up Bachelor in Educational Leadership and Management at PNG Education Institute and will be graduating this year . Should there be possibility of taking up Masters in Educational Leadership and Management studies the following year?


  • My name is Samuel Nimely and i have been thinking if this scholarship program is really true,even though there was this friend of mine who did make research of scholarship and got luck and today he is studying abroad.i was shocked when i received a call to check my email and when i did, i decided to make it known that i am desperately needing a scholarship program for distant learning major is Business Administration.
    thanks for the call.

  • I wrote this letter just to ask for some help! I need a scholaship for my daughter. I wish I could find one in this one apps

    thank you!

    Gilbert repunte

  • thank for the message i received from you it gives me hope each day am very excited and am looking forward for your grant thank you.

  • iam Oyesigye Deusdedit, graduated im march 2019 obtaining CGPA of 4.46 as a first class student in bachelors of agriculture and community development at kampala university uganda.
    iam looking for any opportunity to get a scholarship in related field.

  • my name is Levins Odhiambo from Kenya and would like to acquire a bachelor\’s degree in accounting

  • Hi, am Alusine from Sierra Leone am highly desperate for the scholarship. Please give me this opportunity. Thanks

  • Hie my name is Brandon Bremson Damba and im from Zimbabwe.Last year I completed my Cambridge A level and I was hoping you could assist me in getting this scholarship so that I continue with my studies for a Degree in psychology

  • am Mary Mpata, I have a bachelors degree in Agronomy, and I want to continue with Masters in the field of AGRICULTURE. Thank you

  • HI dear my name is Daniel Berhane from Ethiopia and I was graduated from Bahir Dar university (BSC.) in 2017 by food technology and processes engineering and if I will get opportunity i want to learn my MSC. Degree Please help me
    thank you

  • Hello, my name is Jamilah Mugano from Uganda. I posses a Bachelors degree in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University and would like to attain a maters\’. Thanks

  • Hello, my name is Jamilah Mugano with a BA.SWSA from Makerere University in Uganda. I would like the opportunity to attain may masters\’ please. Thanks

  • Sincerly, I\’m in need of this scholarship support. Simply because I have begun my mater degree in social sciences MPH at Mountani Kenya University, but couldn\’t coninue after the first semester due to lack of money while I was among the best students. If you agree to help me only for half year, I can successfully get my diplomer and win my life. Be blessed for evrer for it.
    The student MPH degree

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