Scholarships for Developing Countries at Hasselt University in Belgium, 2018-2019

Accredited schools online and the degree programs you can acquire there are quite a few. There is no reason for us to turn a blind eye to a trend that hits us in the face quite easily. Let’s not get belligerent now and go quibbling with said accredited schools nor question the validity of their degree programs.

It is true that anything online has a bit of stigma in the west, but education may be the exception. Ah, yes. Exceptions, we don’t really believe in them. And to be honest, it’s a good thing that you don’t. After all, exceptions are just some random occurrences.

While online education is attempting to steal the preserve of mainstream education, traditional universities have responded in kind. They have quickly revved up their offering and students may now find themselves on the thorns of a dilemma.

Let us examine one of the great scholarship opportunities out there. The Flemish Interuniveristy Council now offers around 12 scholarships every year for Hasselt University. If you are interested in taking a Master’s degree then the scholarships distributed by the Interuniversity Council may be just the thing for you.

Overall, 12 scholarships each year are available for the university’s Master’s programme in Statistics.

So what does the scholarship has to offer the successful candidate?

  • As a successful candidate you are offered EUR890 every month
  • You are also offered EUR390 for accommodation, again on monthly basis
  • You will have several one-time payments contributed to your finances
  • You will also receive money to account for insurance, international travel and cover tuition fees

The scholarship is available in Belgium.

In addition, applicants must be coming from one of the countries outlined in the link.

Candidates will also have to pass the minimum language criteria to enroll in the university freely. The university will demand that you pass a TOEFL examination, which demonstrates your command of English.

The deadline is set for 1 March 2018.

Online education does have its perks, however, it may not be able to rival mainstream education just now. Still, the hopes are that both modes of education will draw inspiration from each other, beget competition and usher in some nice innovation.


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