Scholarships for African Students at University of the Western Cape in South Africa, 2018

Have a look around and you will see countless offers to go back to, hold on to your hats, online school. The online associate degree has also been trending. It is pitches as the perfect solution for busy individuals who truly want to make something with their busy schedule. Advancing your knowledge in an area of expertise may be vastly beneficial to you, the logic goes.

And this is in its own right quite the winning type of logic. However venerated the online school may be, though, it cannot quite elbow mainstream institutions out of the way. And thank god for that.

However, traditional universities have been quick to take notice and they have come to realise, at a somewhat quicker-than-expected rate that online rivals may soon encroach on their territory and well overtake them – in terms of students and such.

To this end, traditional universities have been trying to withstand the pressure coming from those newly-fledged competitors.

As a result, DAAD is offering three scholarships for its Master programme. In addition you may acquire up to three scholarships for the PhD programme as well. Definitely not an opportunity you want to pass up on.

Yes, the University of Western Cape is quite unstinting when it comes to offering you good educational solutions.

The subjects you may take during your studies with the scholarship are:land tenure, customary tenure, water, forestry, fisheries and other agricultural-related sciences.

The scholarships are naturally available in South Africa.

The scholarship is intended at mid-career professionals or fresh candidates.  A variety of criteria will have to be observed if you want to make the cut:

  • You will need to have acquired a valid Bachelor’s degree
  • You will have to demonstrate both a strong commitment to the subject and show motivation
  • You will have to demonstrate that you understand and can freely use the language you have chosen to be instructed in
  • Your last degree at university could not have been completed more than six years ago
  • If you want to make our cut, you will have to be a South African or a permanent resident at least

The deadline is set for 21 December, 2017.There are quite a few steps to follow when applying, so check out the scholarship link.



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