Ingvar Kamprad Master Scholarship for International Students at Lund University in Sweden, 2018

Online universities are quite the nifty little thing. A great little invention for all and sundry, rivalled by their brethren and various incarnations, such as the college education online. Think what you many of online universities, these institutions are here to say. They will influence the outcome of education in coming years and will dictate how instruction is done

In the case of the college education online, students will be even more assertive and looking for way to enroll themselves in various, popular modes of learning. In both cases, we approve of this and we encourage it.

But naturally, there is something traditional institutions of instruction can do to put the crack on the relentless march of online schools – the introduction of generous scholarships is one of those little useful tricks.

So let’s examine the offer made by Lund University for the students who want to attend the Ingvar Kamprad Master Scholarship initiative.

This offering is intended at students who come from outside the European Union, and the scholarship deals with the field of industrial design. The level of study is Master’s program.

The scholarship will offer a generous something to everyone who has been lucky enough to obtain it:

  • EUR 10,000 will be paid for ten months to cover living and accommodation costs, between August and May and during the two years og study
  • The Swedish government will offer a EUR 21,000 scholarship to the successful candidate

Now, the scholarship may only be taken in Sweden. There additional criteria that must be met before students can be deemed eligible candidates, let alone successful:

  • Bachelor’s degree with relevance in the field you are applying for
  • A portfolio of work done in the past will be considered an advantage
  • In addition you will be requested to demonstrate good command of English

All applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree.

There is also an online application form found here. More information about the scholarship can be foundhere. The deadline is set for 15 January 2018.

The world of online education certainly has a lot to offer to everyone. However do not get too complacent with it and examine some of the great scholarship opportunities readily available to you out there.


125 Comments on “ Ingvar Kamprad Master Scholarship for International Students at Lund University in Sweden, 2018 ”

  • am very interested with this institution and I hope it is a right institution for me to accomplish my goals if a get a scholarship

  • This is a big opportunity i am very happy to hear this opportunity but i am Somali student so how i can get this opportunity

  • am interested with your institution, I hope to go well in further study by your help,your reply will be highly appreciated.

  • Well, am optimistic that my dream will come true. This is the only chance that i have got to change my life to a better one. I will be the most glad person in case i get this scholarship and am sure God will be on my side. Thank you so much.

  • I am Albert from Kenya,
    Have pursed a diploma programme in mechanical engineering, from the technical university of Mombasa situated in Kenya, and I\’ll appreciate your assistance in giving me the opportunity to explore and boost my knowledge in technology and boost my career and be a better person to help the world in general, bring Africa forward mostly probably my country with the help from you to accept me to continue my studies there

  • I want a scholarship to go and study I finish last year school and I want to go and study and I will appreciate it when you help me with a scholarship because I want to make a difference in my life and experience difference places,people and I will like to go and study teaching because I have the potential to work with children so please help me to make my dreams true to help me with a scholarship

  • Would be grateful to study with your university. I have a first degree in guidance and counseling but want to open a school for children with learning disabilities such as autism and other conditions. We have many children in Zambia with this condition but are not catered for in our education system. I will appreciate an on line scholarship.

  • I want scholarship please
    I would be so glad if you guys give me a chance to try my best of what I can do in this world

  • I was really looking for help to further my studies. Thanks be to God for this opportunity, this is my chance, this is my opportunity please help me to further my studies I will be greatefull

  • I am somalia national currently a refugee in Uganda capital city Kampala I would like
    to pursue my education could you let me know
    if I quality for the scholarships bachelor degree
    please help me sir or madam
    all of the world to the government
    I want obey sure all information

  • Hope to change my dreams and I will be greatfull to get such opportunity thank you for such opportunity.

  • i am a Cameroonian nationality and a holder of the General Certificate Of Education Advance Level in three papers since 2011,and i am an orphan.i have been struggling to further my studies but no body to help me reach my dreams,i struggled from 2011-2015 studying geography in the university of DSCHANG due to financial difficulties i drop out.I will be the happiest if my wish is granted for a scholarship

  • I will have my Bachellor in Technology(BTECH) in the University of Bamenda Cameroon. It is a four year program andi am completing my second year in two years. I will like to have a scholaship to do masters in Animal Production Technology or Business Management especially in the field of agriculture, so in two years i will be throug qith my program here. I need to startlo start right now with the scholarship issue, especially a scholarship to TRAVEL, WORK AND SCHOOL

  • thanks for the information
    i m interested in do a Phd in the nursing field and if possible in reproductive health

  • I am Munang Prutus from Cameroon. Please I wish to study Economics right upto the level of a PhD and I desperately need your assistance financially

  • hello, my name is shambel yirga from Ethiopia (i.e.Africa)i have BSc degree in electrical and electronics engineering technology but i need further education regarding full fund scholarship.

  • Thanks so much and very much interested to study through this scholarship in the institution not through online
    My area of study is masters in either divinity or psychology and counseling
    Pls consider me for full time studies
    Hear from you
    Yours Tobias

  • I wish to study masters degree in international economics in order to increase knowledge because it facilitate to improve my country.

  • I am interested in this university because it will makes my dream become more successful and i realy love the courses that they offers,in Business Administration..

  • Hi.m hyder from pakistan i did bachelors in computer system iam trying to study masters in anyone plz can help me that how can i get scholarship… watsapp 03003091196

  • Hope to change my dreams and I will be great full to get such opportunity thank you for such opportunity.

  • Sir I have received confirmation message that I m accepted for this scholarship with a link Refering the registration. What does this mean? Please guide me

  • I will be so much generous to study in your institution to do my engineering course in electrical/electronics
    thank you

  • i m m,r okello robert i will be grate full to study adegree in computer and science in your country i m from uganda africa lira district u can contact me on +256771408525

  • I want a scholarship to go and study my PhD in any health and health related field. I want to go and study and I will appreciate it when you help me with a scholarship because I want to make a difference in my life and experience difference places, people and I will like to go and study teaching because I have the potential to work with children so please help me to make my dreams true to help me with a scholarship

  • hello my name is ishimwe mizero aimeolivier from RWANDA,i have completed secondary school in mathematics biology chemistry , I need scholarship to continue in medecine please help me my phone number is +250788651577

  • Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad for further more up to university. Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me garnts.thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  • Iam heba from Egypt , Iam graduated from faculty of nursing,i love medicine and i want this scholarship to realize my dream in studing medicine , i will acheive alot of things in this feild
    Thank you

  • Iam ocepa moses from Uganda, iam agraduate in the faculty of crop science and production at a deploma level, but still want to upgrade to a degree level in the same field, will be very grateful if given the opportunity.

  • Hello ,I am in Rwanda ,Ask how I can get thi s opportnity of get this scholarship
    First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Tharcisse GASIGWA. I have attended my Advanced Diploma’s degree in Land Survey Department, Faculty of Fundamental Applied Sciences from INES-RUHENGERI. The undergraduate curriculum in Land Survey Department, Faculty of Fundamental Applied Sciences, and INES-RUHENGERI introduces me to a wide variety of engineering subjects. Various courses like Remote Sensing, Land Administration, Land Law, land Administration and information System, Engineering Survey, Geographical information System(GIS), Surveying technique, Geodesy, Hydro graphic Survey, Environmental management System, AutoCAD, Deformation monitoring, Spatial Data Information and Programming Languages.
    Moreover I want the scholarship related with the course above for continuing to get Bachelor degree in Land Survey or Bachelor degree in Geographical Information System(GIS).
    I look forward to your positive response. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Yours faithfully

  • To day ,I have an Advanced Diploma (A1) in Land Survey ,I want to get Bachelor Degree(A0).
    Every Day ,I am Asking how I may continue my studies in order to get A0 ,but No solution for it because no JOB,no sponsor, or Scholarship ,Who can help me as Sponsor?

  • Je veux postuler pour la bourse en effet je suis un jeune étudiant enlicence production animale qui désire faire la médecine vétérinaire

  • Am grateful to hear about this offer. Am a student in Uganda pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. How can i get to that offer.

  • Hi am Aja Njie, I want to be part of this scholarship program.
    I am a can contact me with this numbers

  • I am from Ethiopia [land of origin] if i get this opportunity i am very happy to hear and to learn in this institution.

  • Hope to change my dreams and I will be greatfull to get such opportunity thank you for such opportunity.

  • Am interested if am given this chance i can start on my dream of having masters (MBA)


    Thanks in Advance from

  • Am undergraduate student who want to pursue degree in nursing …..any information plz I will highly appreciate

  • Hello, I\’m a High School sinior in Biology, Chemistry and Maths(BCM/Gp&ICT).
    and I would like to be considered too

  • I\’m so glad to receive this information. Please secure me a Scholaship to do master in leadership and management or MBA. Graduate in postgraduate in leadership and management at the Australia Pacific Training coalition college, campus in Honiara, Solomon islands.

    Thank you very much.


  • Hello thank you So much for these offers but inform me if there is a related physics scholarship in master degree

  • Hello! My name is Assoumpta iradukunda I request for bachelor\’s scholarship because am very interested. Plz help me to turn my dreams into reality.

  • Hi,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands.

    Thanks for informations. nee Scholaship to do bachelors in leadership and management to masters degrees. Graduate postgraduate certificate in leadership and management in Queensland Tafe, Australia in January 2019.

    please help me.

    Thank you very much.

  • I request for the Scholarship to study Masters in Science. I graduated Bachelor in Education at Mwenge Catholic University. Before I graduated a Diploma in Education at Klerruu Teachers Training College in Tanzania

  • I have completed my honors degree in Social Work. so I am looking for a sorscholarship to pesue my masters degree in Social Work.

  • i am from ethiopia. i have BA degree in economics if i can get this opportunity ,my life will be changed

  • I will really appreciate it when you inform me on the scholarship for 2020. Most probably in environmental science

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