The online college has become a strong symbol of the student who has been turned from the door of mainstream universities, and the online degree is the said student badge of honor. There is no shame in being turned away from a mainstream university. In fact, it is quite common and the simple reason is that competition is quite severe in such institutions. It should come as a no surprise, though.

Mainstream universities have a limited number of spots and bright students are way too many, so getting into a decent university is also a matter of luck as much as it is a matter of academic prowess.

Let us examine a scholarship that we hold to have done a great job of offering an alternative to all of those among you that have been hankering after online degree. Let us add some flesh to your degree at once.

The USF Masagung Graduate School at the School of Management offers a rather different approach to tuition. The scholarship itself offers to cover your tuition fees, up to a mount. Now, all applications are welcome bar those that are pushing for the Executive MBA.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you will have to meet several criteria:

Civil Servant Merit Scholarship: This is one of the types of scholarships up for grabs. The student who eligible for such scholarships is currently employed by city, state, federal or international civil service.

Another scholarship known as the Community Service Merit Scholarship is also up for grabs. It is intended to educate students for a more humane world. The scholarship puts a great emphasis on diversity and looks the big picture globally.

Another scholarship on the list is the Dean’s Merit Scholarship handed out to students who can demonstrate a great professional record of accomplishment.

Down the pipeline the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Merit Scholarshipoffers its award to students who are operating or are participating in an organization.

So, what is required for you to enroll and be successful in one of these scholarship programs?

Simply cover your English tests. You will be requested to have at least 92 points in your TOEFL and be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree.

The application form can be foundhere. Also, the deadline is drawing nearer every day, it is set for 15 November 2017.



  • I am John Paul Amamangpang, an Agriculture Soil Science third year student from Visayas State University. I am very much willing to pursue my masters degree and even Ph.D from abroad because i could no longer support my studies financially. I will be glad if you will choose me as one of your scholars. GODSPEED
    Thank you,

  • I am Shahzodjon Boboev Tajikistan Tajik Languages Institute after named Sotim Ulugzade four year student . I am very much willing to pursue my masters degree abroad because i could no longer support my studies financially. I will be glad if you will choose me as one of your scholars. Thank you.

  • Hi Funiwe Nwosu
    I will be very happy if you can choose me am running a organizational that help students not to dropout from school .if you choose me it will be a good example for them they will want to stay in school and studie hard.

  • I am seeking scholarship diploma in Midwifery and Nursing. My parents they have no longer to push me up by paying fees.

  • Am seeking scholarship degree in medicine and surgery .a full scholarship would be best be of help.your responce will greatly be apriciated

  • I am graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Diploma in education seeking scholarship to further studies in MBA/Industrial Sociology

  • Hi,My name\’s Khadija Ahmed Galal.
    I am 24 years old, I work now as research assistant at clinical department In faculty of pharmacy,tanta university,and I am seeking for scholarship to get master degree.

  • Hi , my name\’s Benjamin David. I\’m 30 years of age, I work currently at the Lutheran schools system in Liberia (Bishop Roland j Payne Lutheran school) as administrative supervisor and I am seeking scholarship in master degree.

  • I am Dinkinesh Abera, am 2nd year Agronomy M.Sc student in Ethiopia t I am very much willing to pursue my PhD from abroad because i could no longer support my studies financially. I will be glad if you will choose me as one of your scholars.
    Thank you,

  • Iam planning to study either aircraft engineering course or Electronics.By your help, i\’m hopping to achieve my dream

  • Iam planning to study bachelors in financial accounting or nursing….i will be glad if you will choose me as one of your scholars…..thank you

  • Iam planning to study bachelors in business information technology or accounting.By your help,i\’m hopping to achieve my goal…… may God bless u

  • Hello, I hope your everyone is okay and doing with your related tasks dearest staff, I wish to be a good specialist, I\’m medical doctor, so I want to be a specialist overseas I\’m from Afghanistan of Laghman province but I\’m living in Kabul I do not have a money, my brother dead in duty her dead in umbesh I\’m affraid what can I do! If you have really government and Justice solve my difficult matter soon, I\’m suffering from here I\’m unemployed here, Thanksgiving dearest staff, i miss you all every moment, I cannot stop thinking about you all, for further information 0093791644641

  • Hi. My name is Uchechi Ibe, I am just a National Diploma (ND) holder from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, in Nigeria. I desire to be offered a fully funded scholarship in this Great institution to help me further my education, and I desire to study business administration. I will be grateful if I\’m chosen as one of your scholars. Thanks.

  • Hello my name is Denis Soro i am a diploma holder i am particularly interested to get a fully funded scholarship to help me further my study

  • I am a Malawian and a holder of Diploma in Law please kindly offer me a full scholarship to study Bachelors Degree in Law and Justice.

  • I am mohamed fornah,graduated diploma in civil engineering.please kindly assist me,to pursue up to master in civil engineering.thanks u

  • I want to learn by second degree in economics or physics I have bachelor degree in economics and physics with excellent CGPA

  • Upon all these people none of them were called to be part of the scholar, Am I superior than them? It is better we look for something doing. Thanks

  • I am graduate of Bachelor of Technician in medical laboratory and Diploma in education seeking scholarship to further my studies in licence, master and PhD.

  • Am a Ugandan aged 27 years old, I have a diploma in clinical medicine and community health and am planning to go for bachelor of medicine and surgery.
    Do you have some help for me?/ can I benefit from your scholarship?
    I would like to reach my dream of being a medical doctor

    Thank you

    Isaac Okwada

  • i would like to do bachelors degree of accounting and finance or economics from your university if helped by you.

  • by names am Irene Tumsime Diomedes .A Tanzanian girl, age of 19,am an undergraduate but would like to pursue my further studies in abroad but i cant afford the fee due to certain problems . but would like to achieve my dream of being a surveyor. but also be an inspirational to other girls who have given up there dreams due to high cost . with that i bring my offer in hand

  • I have B.ED Social Studies from Ondo-State University now known as University of Ado-Ekiti. I am willing to study Education Management as my master degree program. I love education and would be grateful if I am successfully given a full scholarship by your organization.

  • My names ate victoria Mweemba …aged18 n i come from zambia.. i completed in 2016 with good results… i have always wanted to the university buh i dont have anybody to sponsor me..i would really appriciate if u were to give me an apportunity to go to school..please am me..

  • I am somalia national currently a refugee in Uganda capital city Kampala I would like
    to pursue my education could you let me know
    if I quality for the scholarships bachelor degree

  • Hello my name is Ambrose T. Dormu a Liberian age 26. I could like to be one of your scholarship student

  • I\’m currently doing my degree in Finance at Kibabii University in Kenya. I would be very grateful if i get scolarship from you.

  • I want to join in your academic scholarship but it is difficult me gained in this dream please help me in this little idea

  • Hi I\’m a keen candidate which I have a great passion to further my education career with the institution and graduate with best results
    My problem is im struggling with tutation fees and capital to support me
    I come from a subsistance background and my parrents cannot support me further

  • Please i need need a scholarship in special education at the masters level. I have a bechelors degree in special education second class.

  • Hello, am Grace from Cameroun.I just had my bachelor\’s degree in International Trade in the Management school of Britain- Atlantic. I urgently need to forward my studies by obtaining your prestigious scholarship you offer.I want to go in for an MBA in Business administration. Thanks.

  • Hi,,I obtained a degree in Business Education.
    I want to proceed to my Master in science (Msc)
    I want a full scholarship because the money earn by me is used for my feeding alone.
    Will be happy if my request is granted

  • Good day Sir/Madam, I will be glade to enroll in your institution through this scholarshi. Am an HND holder in banking and international finance. am waiting for your responds

  • Am a Malawian teacher educator at teacher training college.I wish I could be considered for a free online course.Am interested in Ms in Education.

  • Iam very pleased to hear about this scholarship and and its great pleasure to catch this opportunity my degree is hight deploma in peace and development studies .Iam eager to continue my education for master dgree on line would you be so kind helping me to fulfil my dream

  • Allready I start to learn in east Africa Ethiopia Evangelical theological college. So one I want to the sponsership for this college.if it is passable pleas help me to affordability because I can\’t pay all of the payment. Pleas help me.

  • I am truly in need for this scholarship please help me. (my qualifications 10 pass and ) parent time doing diploma in 5th semester .I want to B- tech. Please help me and advice

  • Hi? I am from Burundi and I\’m bachelor\’s degree I wish continue my studies but I live under miserable life, actually,i have nowhere to find money so I rise my eyes up to you asking you an assistance to fulfill my dream
    Thank you

  • Hi? I am from Sudan and I\\’m bachelor\\’s degree I wish continue my studies but I have nowhere to find money so I rise my eyes up to you asking you an assistance to fulfill my dream
    Thank you

  • Am Lillian from Kenya.lm seriously seeking for a scholarship in the u.s.a.l am a teacher.Any response from you is highly appreciated.

  • Hai sir/mam im ronalie cayme from phil former ofw but i never earn for myself because im the breadwinner of the family…i wished to be one of your lucky scholars…thank you i really love to study…godbless☺❤

  • Looking forward to seeing you grant my request of sponsorship program for further studies which will be applauded as well and faithful student
    Just sourcing from your assistance

  • Hey, am Olwenyi Fredrick from Uganda. I have a dreamof being a doctor but is financially unable. Am a senior six graduate who offered biology, chemistry and physics. Am hoping for a bursary from abroad if am to achieve my dream. Please……

  • Hi, my name is MORLAI M KAMARA, I am from Sierra Leone West Africa, I have sat to the West Africa senior school certificate examination in which I have got my university requirements but I don\’t have money to pursue my education, I raise my eyes to you please help me to achieve my dreams in studying Law . Thank you

  • Hi, my name is MORLAI M KAMARA. I am from Sierra Leone West Africa. I have sat to the West Africa senior school certificate examination in which I have got my university requirements but I don\’t have money to pursue my education,. I have raise my eyes to you please help me in achieving my dreams in studying law. Thank you

  • I am so glad to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. My name is mahder mohammed osman omer from Eritrea. I have completed 12plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.from 2008up to 2010I have been a teacher for about three years. In 2011 I preferred to come to sudan to find some scholarship funds in order to continue my study for further more and have a good professional in my future to words my life. I want study computer science. I am so glad if you consider me as one of your students in the future. Thanks more again from you again

  • My name is Bridget Kadango I received an email saying you have chosen me I would like to be given a detailed outline on what is next

  • i am Okwir walter, a Ugandan, aged 30 and i completed bachelor of engineering in civil and building engineering, am looking for fully sponsor for me to do master in civil engineering filed. thanks so much may GOD bless you.

  • my names is Banza Ngoy Christian I really need a full scholarship in my management and administration I will appreciate sir when you can think for this request with this offer a can studying in a good situation thank you in advance

  • My name is Tinsae Samuel I am from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. I really need a full scholarship in accounting and finance in first degree. I am so glad if you consider me as one of your students in the future.thank you

  • I am Maxwel cheruiyot from Eldoret Kenya and wish to request you to consider me in you scholarship program. I would really wish to pursue a degree in computer science.

  • My name is Olistas Bwakura. I am an Early Childhood teacher in Zimbabwe at Lundi Park Primary School, Gweru. I am a holder of Bachelor of Early Childhood education and I am looking for a 100% scholarship in Masters of Early childhood education

    Your cooperation maybe greatly appreciated

  • My name is Célestin NTIRAMPEBA I received an email saying you have chosen me and I am looking for a scholarship in Masters in sciences medicals.Thanks.

  • Please i am Tania Zacarias Cossa from Mozambic i have 18 years old I need the scholarship help me.
    Best regards

  • Yes.
    Please consider me for study in master MBA, Leadership and management, Human Resources management, Entrepurneourship and Innovations.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

    Solomon Islands.

  • Hello this is fasika from Ethiopia and am musician and also I have pharmacy diploma. and I need to grow so getting access to doing degree programs buy pharmacy so o need help.

  • i am so interested to learn about Dermatology because of i am a victim of skin problem by the way i have first degree in health professionals

  • I write to request a full support scholarship to study abroad. I would be as kind as grateful if you could offer me the opportunity. As it will help me to actualise my dream of being a professional accountant.

  • Im interested and realy lookin for the scholarship study at full sponsorship pliz .Spacificaly on busines management and entrepreneurship.

  • hello amby the namesof Ntale micheal a ugandan by nation am here by humbly requesting for the scholarship because i need to study the bachelors in community psychology and please help me am kindly requesting.. i will be gld when am granted that scholarship.thankyou

  • Hello, I am nazmeenbibi,I have done my HRM now I want to do study In abroad I need a scholarship so please help me

  • Hi and thank,s for great oportinity,my name is Adama and i am graduted From UCAD un American and caribéen field. I wish i would be helped To get this scholarship To pursue my Study abroad.thank\’s!

  • I really want this offer and thank you I have been selected but what are the requirements? Susan Luwazya from Zambia 260978042167

  • my name zabron I would like to get a subsidy for social mobilization to bring our environment to be used for migratory farming
    also about the energy of cooking coal. the provision of community education to use pesticides and agricultural remedies, such as maize stalks, millet, crop residues to be energy for cooking

    about the energy of charcoal Women and children are having trouble finding cooking charcoal
      for the use of gas and electricity has been the price they can not afford because of rising cost of living. My happiness is only successful

  • I\’m a South Sudanese undergraduate students in need of a scholarship program to study in the USA.
    Your feedback will be appreciated thanks.

  • Hello Sir,
    my name is najeeba,I`m from Afghanistan and I have graduated from high school
    I want to get my first degree in journalism,could you please offer me a scholarship

  • Hi I am Sims Ndromoi at Papua New Guinea, I am very interested in taking Computer Graphic Designing..

  • Hello!! I am Tazebachew taye from Addis ababa; i graduate in management; i need scholarship for my masters abroad
    please consider me!

  • I have interesed to join your university MA degree program of business related field.iam not capable to pay all educational and related costs.ineed your sponsership.i have graduated from hawasa universty in ethiopia.

  • Iam Ethiopian I have BS in mechanical Engineering .I Iam more interested in scholarship chance I apply for 2 years but I didn\’t get please select me .

  • I am a Librarian I am a Bachelor degree holder in Midwifery and need a Scholarship to start and end my Master program in Maternal and Child health.
    Please select me.

  • Am Roland M.Dolo a physician assistant in Liberia asking for a scholarship to further my study am 23 years of age.

  • Thanks for offer and accept price.

    Please facilitate scholaship to me to do master in management studies.

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