Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program Competition, 2018-2019

Some know them as online courses others call them internet courses. Whatever your designated name for these classes may be, they all tend to point to a new mode of learning that has been steadily gaining traction around us.

Enter the age of online education and never you fear, for while a strange new thing, it is completely harmless, bar a few caveats.

Online courses or Internet courses, depending on your bent, have bene gaining prominence throughout the world. They are cheap, reliable and make sure you can attend classes as classes happen whenever you are up to it. Certainly they go hand-in-hand with several drawbacks.And as some would argue, you cannot really have education, online, or otherwise at people’s whim.

In other words, do not trust the students with drawing up their schedule. Well, there is merit to this too.

We will examine some of the straight-laced incarnations of education as a whole.

Bid hello to scholarships. We are here to present the School of Graduate Studies. The scholarship is now accepting applications for Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program Competition. The program is taking place between 2018 and 2019.

The scholarship here offered are available for the Master’s degree program.

The prize money of the scholarship is quite generous, in fact: You can back $17,500. The scholarship’s country is Canada.

In order to qualify for the scholarship you will need to fulfil several criteria:

  • You will need to be a Canadian citizen
  • You will be obliged to have completed your full-time studies between 31 December 2017 and the moment of your application.

You can check out more available Canadian scholarships here. Meanwhile, bear in mind that the application form is foundhere. There is also a variety of scholarship programs. We recommend that you drop by the official website and find out more about it yourselves.

Circling back to the thesis of this offering, we should still extol the virtues of Internet courses, however there is a caveat. And that is simply that you will not be able to meet people and create meaningful relationships. Also, it is easy to digress in bad learning patterns just because nobody is supervising. It is important to stay focus while studying, and a scholarship and the learning environment that presupposes is just about what you need.


95 Comments on “ Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program Competition, 2018-2019 ”

  • Hello my name is rediet mekonnen and i am from ethiopia and i would appreciate if i could get a scholarship in bsc nursing.

  • Thank for this scholarship, i will be bless and thankful if i can benefit this great opportunity from Liberia, master in business Law.

  • My name is Mamuye Mengesha I am from Ethiopia.I am highly interested to get this chance if you give me to study MBA in Business Aministration.Thank you

  • My name is Mamuye Mengesha I am from Ethiopia.I am highly interested to get this chance if you give me to study MBA in Business Administration. Thank you

  • My name is Munit Deme I am from Ethiopia.I am highly interested to get this chance if you give me to study MBA in Business Administration. Thank you

  • Good morning I would like to apply for full funded scholarship in masters program.I am Gilbert Ninteretse from Burundi. I am orphan since my childhood .I would like to improve my knowledge despite my poverty

  • goodmorning my name is Jennifer am from Nigeria . I am an Undergraduate student i will be glad if give me scholarship and the opportunity to study Business Administration and Management And obtain degree in your institution .
    i promise i will be a good scholar.
    Thank you.

  • Goodmorning, my name is Jennifer am a Nigerian, please i will be glad if you give scholarship in your school to study Business Administration and Management and obtain my master Degree
    Thank you

  • hello by the name of rugamba ernest from rwanda am much interested in your scholarship. and am bsc in zoology and conservation. thank you!

  • My name is Andrew Kuanyin and I would like to get scholarship under your responsibility to start medical Nursing

  • Je m\’appelle Moctar Bachirou.. Je suis Nigérien.. Étudiant niveau Master en hydraulique je suis intéressé par cette bourse…

  • hello my name is sidney i live in South Africa i really need this opportunity to study Management assistant or Human Resource

  • I am Ewnetu Tadele , I have Bsc in disaster risk mgt & sustainable development .I Want to learn msc in early warning or GIs & Remote Sencing

  • I have Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations and would like to pursue a masters in Public Administration or International Relations but I am from Papua New Guinea. I am eligible and if so how can I qualify or access the scholarships.

  • Hi ! i\’m Mohamed from Tanzania i\’m looking for fully Scholarship on bachelor of doctor of imedicines and in case contact me via +255674255222

  • I would like to pursue a Masters Degree in any related field. I have a B.A. Humanities majoring in Geography, Environmental Science and Planning as well as African Languages. I also have a certificate in Education.

  • I am a Malawian theologian, holder of Bachelor of Theology from Livingstonia University and Master of Theology from Jerusalem from India. Can I apply?

  • my name is Kennedy LUGA in Uganda refugees camp I would to thank you for scorlarship I\’m one south Sudanese refugeen in uganda thank you for this I would like cellege or primary school outside uganda

  • Hi i am Thobani Mpungose from South Africa is it possible for me to get this scholarship i need to do honours degree in African languages. How can i apply for the scholarship?

    Thank you kind regards
    TS Mpungose


  • Hello Scott. Thank you for providing me with this information. But is it possible for me to apply for this scholarship despite the fact that I am not Canadian?

  • hellow m mbekezeli jojo i want to t do medicine by next year i dont know how to apply for scholarship.i will appreciate if you can send me an scholarship application cellphone number its 0742021967

  • Hello.
    Firstly and formost i thank all networks operate international scholarship applications.
    My name is Maxamed Cabdiqaadir I’m a young teenager student, i like education, i live in one of the developing countries especially in Somalia and I was finished a high school, so i want to increase my knowledge.
    I ask you to give me scholarship to study in developed countries.

    I’m low income student, i can’t paid university fee in my country.

    I always thinking and dreaming to study in developed countries since i live in one of the developing countries.

    I would hopeful to a recieve scholarship but i didn’t see anyone who promise to me that, i was patient for three years since the time i was apply scholarship for different netwoks.

    Please i ask everyone netwoks operate sholarship to consider my application.
    Thank you.
    Contact my phone number +252634990577 whatsup

  • My name is Mohammad Noman I am from Mianwali, Pakistan . am highly interested to get this chance if you give me to study MBA in Business Administration. Thank you

  • my name is Egidio Fabiano Cardoso i am from timor leste i am looking for a scholarship to do my bachelor\\’s degree in Anything to do with Geography thanks.

  • i am so much interested in continuing with my studies in nursing but i can\’t afford the tuition fees. i have been working for about 7 years now but still can\’t afford to pay all the due fees with the savings i have managed to accumulate for the little salary i receive from the current job please help and assist so the i can achieve my dreams. i am holding a certificate in nursing.

  • I would be grateful if given an opportunity to study Pharmacy as a course base on scholarship,I promise to be a good scholarship if given the chance financially.

  • Would like to study Master in People management (leadership and management)
    and Business Management (Entrepurneouship and Innovations.)
    The problem is I\’m not a Canadian but International Scholarship seeker.
    Please seek and offer me a future scholarship should there be one around.

    Graduating in postgraduate certificate iv in leadership and management at Australia pacific Technical Coalition Training College, Campus in Solomon islands. on date 27th February 2019,Wednesday of next week

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry
    From the Solomon Islands.

  • Dear sir/Madam, first for thank you to giving this opportunity, I have Bsc degree in Chemistry.if I get the scholarship I will interested to Msc. degree. please help me.
    Great thanks to your consideration

    your faithfully,

    Moges Kassie Tefera

  • Hi; I am Nebiyou Daniel from Ethiopia, I am high school student, if I get scholar ship, I would like to join your university to follow my lovely future carrier of computer since. so that I can change my life and my country.

    With Best Regards

  • Hi! my name is Chala from Ethiopia. i am 33 years old. i have BA degree in leadership. and also i have degree in computer science and information technology. now i want to upgrade my education to masters degree in leadership and related course if your country may give me free scholar. because i can\’t pay the needed payment to learn my masters education. please help me!! thank you!

  • First I want to say sorry for late.But, I want to get scholar in medicine Departement So,please I need your support to get this scholar and to Study abroad.. please help me to get this opportunity and to target my childhood dream with the help of you and God. Please?

  • Hie, my name is Edgar Moyo a Zimbabwean, i am interested in MBA program please i need this scholarship help me. I am a holder of BScHDS from Zimbabwe Open University.

  • Good morning I would like to apply for full funded family scholarship in PhD program.I am Tadesse Taressa from Ethiopia Addis Ababa working in Ministry of Education as physics national trainer and now I would like to improve my knowledge and contribute some additional thing for our planet Earth so sponsor me

  • well I will appreciated if I can get this scholarship to learned and one to service my country and part of the world. Thanks

  • Mon nom est AYISSAN Mathieu. Je titulaire d\’unDdiplôme d\’Etudes Agricole Tropicale. Je cherche une bourse d\’étude pour m\’aider à continuer mes études à l\’étrangé. Merci bien

  • Please grant me the scholarship I\\’ve currently enrolled in BS Medical Laboratory Science here in the Philippines please help me with my studies, please.

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