University of Sussex Master Scholarship for Malaysian Students in UK, 2018

Online colleges and the online college courses they have to offer are quite the neat little helper. They have permeated the classroom as they have found their way to the homes of a motley bunch of students who have vowed their allegiance to improving themselves so that they may have a better shot at the future.

So, what has spurred this rapid growth of online colleges and the arrival of online college courses. Simply put, mainstream universities have somewhat smugly shut their doors in front of the nose of many young, aspiring and, most importantly, academically apt people who, denied the opportunity to learn at an institution, have decided to create their own sources of learning. Small wonder then, that such online unicorns have become an ever more common sight.

But let us dispose with that and see what the answer of universities has been. Simply enough, they have already had a solution ready and gathering cobweb somewhere in their cellars. Scholarships have been improved and revved up. More candidates have been caught in the nets of education.

Meanwhile, people who have failed to be admitted decided to not even give online colleges a shot. Jack Ma, a famous Chinese entrepreneur, has been turned down by a renowned college ten times in a row. He was never good enough for them, but he created the world’s most powerful retailer, Alibaba. And all he knew was English. We are happy that Mr Ma never made it to university. It may seriously have tempered with his ability to spawn awesome innovation. And this is not to be passed upon lightly.

Nevertheless, education is here to stay. It has been designed to equip people with the skills they would need to go through their lives earning a good living, and most importantly, contributing to the good of the planet and economy.

Online education and the Internet as a whole have played a big role in advancing the cause of education. We could not deny how beneficial the spread of education has been for everyone.

A quick surfing of the internet reveals the University of Sussex and its great Master Scholarship programme.  The deadline is 1 August 2018. The scholarship link is found here.


124 Comments on “ University of Sussex Master Scholarship for Malaysian Students in UK, 2018 ”

  • thank you for this invitation, if i didn\’t go to university yet, can i get a chance to get a scholarship from you please?

  • thanks for the invitation for scholarship,but i didn\’t go to university before,please can i get a chance to get a scholarship from you??

  • je suis Chadrack NSONDE ,titulaire d\’un bac E session de juin 2014, je veux bien vouloir continuer mes études supérieures dans votre institut

  • I am interested in this i want to pursue my dreams but unfortunately my family are poor and they cant afford to pay for my school funds please help me

  • Hey ,I\’m by the names of James Pascal Yabaa. I\’m a south Sudanese by nationality and I reside in Uganda.
    I would like to study aerospace engineering in Australia but my parents can\’t afford the money. Please I need a helping hand from anyone that God has sent. Thank you very much.

  • Iam Edmond Baya from Zimbabwe Iam looking for a scholarship to study in any country in Europe because my parents can not afford money so I iam sicking for a help

  • looking for a scholarship to study in any country in Europe because my parents can not afford money so I iam sicking for a help. WHERE AND WHEN WOULD I BE OFFERED THE SCHOLARSHIP

  • Hi I\’m from Nigeria I intend to study medicine in Europe but I can\’t afford it I\’ll be greatly honored if my application is approved and I\’ll like to know when and how will I be given the scholarship

  • Am Gibson from Kenya,i did intermédiaire level in looking for distance learning SCHOLARSHIP.

  • Thankyou a lot for this good programme I appreciate too much when I see people like you helping others,iam a Kenyan and I would like your scholarship if you offered me,I finished my secondary education recently.I look through your positive reply.may God bless you all abundantly

  • Am Marial Peter Koat, South Sudanese refugee leaving in Uganda. I have completed my secondary school but no mean to pursued my education, I need help to study any where in this world.\

  • My name is Muhiyadiin Yuusuf Daahir. Iam from Somalia. I have degree certificate in education. I want to continue my education but I do not have enough support because i have lived in failed state and under hostility for along time. Am requesting you to help me. contact me 00252906303911

  • Am grateful for your generous. Am Ezekiel K.Mensah from Ghana.Please help me get this scholarship because my father has passed away and mum is seriously sick.So am facing financial crisis.

  • Am Haluwa Abdallah I have completed my secondary education but no mean to pursued with my study, please I need your help for my study thanks.

  • I am Ephrem from Ethiopia. i am a chemical engineering graduate student this year and I want to get the opportunity of ur scholarship service.

  • I am Rwandan
    I am really interested, i am in my last level in bachelor\’s degree at University of Rwanda, plz i need to study i masters next year ,i need this chance

  • Hello I am Augustina Cobbinah from Ghana. I\’m a language student and I want to further my education but I\’m incapable because of financial situation, so please help me get a full scholarship so I can achieve where I want to achieve in my life.
    Thank you very much

  • I\’m currently pursuing diploma in pharmaceutical technology and I\’ll be done by December next year, I would like to proceed with my degree level immediately but financial challenges is a problem I can barely raise ⅛of the required tuition fee, can I get help from you people ?

  • Hello I am Samuel DUSHIMIMANA from Rwanda. I have finished Bachelor degree in Business Administration and I want to further my education (Masters degree) but I’m incapable because of financial situation , so please help me get a full scholarship so I can achieve where I want to achieve in my life.
    Thank you very much

  • please i am a cameroonian and a holder of a degree in biochemistry, please help me with a full scholarship to study medicine in canada

  • I am a student holding advance diploma in Banking, finance and Credit. Now I am busy studying at university of Namibia doing honours degree in education pre and lower primary phase. I am currently on my third year.
    I would like to hear from you soon.

  • Thanks for your message. My name is Magdalene Chea and i am from Sierra Leone. Please i will like to apply for a masters scholarship program to study out, i just finished my degree program last year. But i am presently out of funds. I lost my father five years back, so thinks have been very difficult for me and my mother don\’t have money for me to further my education. if anyway you can, please help me with a scholarship.

  • My name is Muhammed Abdullahi from Nigeria
    Please I need a fully funded scholarship to study abroad

  • My name is Lincoln Z Warjolo from Liberia, I really need a financial help to follow my education, can someone please help me out here.

  • Hello I am Arab Hussein Roba from Ethiopia. I have finished Bachelor degree in Geography and environmental studies at jimma university, class of 20017 with best GPA and I want to further my education (Masters degree) , i wanna a lot of interesting master scholarship. so,when there\’s is a will there\’s a way I can achieve where I want to achieve in my life.
    Thank you very much

  • Hello, I\’m Wanjala Moses Albert from Kenya. I\’m currently a student at Maasai Mara University undertaking a Degree in Bachelor Of Commerce a second year student. I\’m really yearning to proceed with my academics and pursue so as to continue with my Master\’s later but I have a financial crisis in my family causing a stopover in my academics. I\’m really happy to have heard from you and so interested in getting a bursary from you please because my school fees has been a big problem indeed, I\’m really from a very incapable family for raising money for my uptake in the university please, both of my parents are peasant farmers undertaking on small scale farming. Help me please on what to do so as to get a bursary from you please. Please help me with a bursary. More thanks for your time, thank you.(my account number is 01108744626100, admission number is BB07/SR/MN/4236/2017) (my phone number is 0740227800)

  • Hello sir/ madam, I\’m grateful to have heard from you, I\’m Wanjala Moses Albert, a Kenyan citizen currently in Maasai Mara university taking a Degree in Bachelor Of Commerce a second year student, I\’m in a financial crisis which is hindering me to continue with my studies, please help me get a bursary from your organization to aid me continue with my studies. My phone number is 0740227800, admission number BB07/SR/MN/4236/2017, please help me, thank you very much. God bless you.

  • hello iam Ngesonziza ENOCK from Rwanda. iam an orphan completely without even siblings. I done have means to further my studies. would you please help me? your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Dear Sir/Ma,
    I am longing to receiving help from you to obtain a scholarship to study computer engineering in any high-graded university of your choice.
    I have my Secondary School Certified Examination(SSCE) and my Joint Administration and Matriculation Board(JAMB) result at hand, with good scores, but the only factor hindering the continuation of my education is MONEY.
    I am pessimistic to your respond, I hope you favor because I do not want my bright future to tarnish. Thank you. God bless you in all your endeavor.

  • Dear sir/ madame
    I would like to study nursing in Europe and I\’m having all my documents at hand the only thing hindering me to further my education to tertiary level is finance so I\’ll be so glad if I have this scholarship
    looking forward to your responds

  • Hello!My name is Richard.O TCHALLA from Benin.Thank you for your invitation.I would like to pursue my studies abroad but due to the lack of money I am still waiting though I like studies but I hope you will help me.Thank you.

  • Most of the comments is about financial for me I can\’t go beyond my do u plan to assist such students at different levels

  • Hello Boru,
    I am Boru Tari from Ethiopia and I am very interested to study masters scholarship in UK , My Educational background it was my first degree in public health officer in 2015. So I am very interested to study masters in Great UK so I need your help in all direction . I hope 100% in true selection of Great UK staff to support me in all direction and contact me in cellphone +251916653786
    GOD bless you and all of your people.
    Help Human For Humanity Only

    Thanks For all thing,

  • I\’m Alberto Akuna Olango from Kenya I\’m a partial orphan my mother has no job and she can not help raise my school fees I kindly request if their is an opportunity for a scholarship to study at your college for bachelors degree in finance and accounting and I would highly appreciate.

  • I\’m a graduate of History & Diplomatic Studies from University of Port Harcourt ,Rivers State Nigeria. I would like to gain scholarship to study international Relations. Please I need your help.

  • Baluku josphat kindason a Ugandan national. Am troubled to continue with my studies due to financial problems, I have struggled by all possible means but all in vein. I beg for scholarship to study from abroad and at home to attain by ambition. I shall be grateful to receive a response from your office

  • Thanks a lot for informing me for this opportunitly. I am Manzoor Ahme from pakistan i am very poor i want to continou my study but my family cant effort me if any schalorship for finnical or give me one chance to study in aboard i will be very thankfull to you.

  • I don\’t really know how this scholarship will be possible for me because am in Nigeria and I don\’t really know what to do. Moreover finance is also an issue

  • Good day
    I have passed matric with a Bachelor matric certificate I need to further my studies and the course I want to take is hospitality, I have been accepted at The International Hotel School in Cape Town the issue is the fees I can\’t seem to get a student loan so I would highly appreciate it if you could grant me the scholarship to study for this year.

  • Hello Angels of Education , it\’s amazing but i can\’t hold it because i don\’t have enough support please if there is a program which is not expensive in fact full funded scholarship or other simple one i can work over night in order to pay and fit my sacrifice something for education

  • I love your program but I am not financially potent to pay my fees. Will you be a blessing to me by being my sponsor. I really want to further my education in a foreign country but do not have the financial power to do that. will you be my Angel sent from heaven to do that for me. May God bless you.

  • I\’m happy to be in the world scholarship forum, as money is the life blood for every business. Without money no know education for developing nation like Sierra Leone to be specific. so if you can kindly help I will be the most exciting person on planet Earth because through that I redeem my Nation out of poverty.

  • Am interested but not financially capable! I wish to study corporate communication in Canada or the UK. Thanks looking forward to hear from you!

  • I lawrence chimberengwa who want persue with my education what can l do l need your help.l need to study a master degree.lm a degree holder but not yet employed

  • I lawrence chimberengwa.lm a degree holder but not yet employed bt l want to persue with my education.lm facing financial challenges.l want to do a master\’s degree

  • Hello!My name is Olivier KÔDEGNON from Benin.Thank you for your invitation.I would like to pursue my studies abroad but due to the lack of money I am still waiting though I like studies but I hope you will help me tout studies in Canada.Thank you.

  • Hello my name is Olivier since the benign. please, I can not really register but I would like to have this scholarship for Canada to study computer science. Please this my adresse +22961212662. Help me il need Soo much toi your help. Thanks you

  • Thanks for the invitation , I\’m resident of Pakistan Hyd..
    I\’m undergraduate student of Doctor of Physiotherapy (dpt).. Of Isra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences (IIRS)
    I wanted to apply fr abroad n many other countries. So I would request u to guide me. I\’m n my 9 semester. My degree program will be finishing in dec 2019
    Will have my convocation in 2020 jan

  • I have no parents and im\’ in money crises i ask for sponsors who will help me to continue with my studies please can you help me

  • Great!, I\’m in need of financial support to pursue PhD in Livestock studies, I\’m currently a holder of BSc. in Animal Science and MSc in Tropical Animal Production both from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania, with GPAs of 3.7 and 4.2, both of 5 scales. Upon availability of financial sponsorship for on campus studies and livestock field especially chicken nutrition, please assist me.
    Thank you,

  • I am safia osman i recently graduated medicine and surgery in somalia i need a scholership for master programms.
    Thank you for inviting me
    I hope to accept my request

  • Thanks Am Interested, I want to continue with my education i dont have enough support i live in a poor state, iam looking at achieving an opportunlty of help kindly your free to call me +256777773031

  • My name is busari fathia am a nigerian i have interest in this scholarship to study in UK but my parent did not have the financial capability have .not yet gain admission in any university in nigeria pls if you can help me i will be grateful here is my number 08140027000 or 07033848610

  • Nelson Ronald from Kenya……kindly requesting for scholarship to do bachelor in pharmacy thanks

  • i am asnake mamo from ethiopia i graduated IN MASTERS Degree in MBA i strongly need phd in business faculty please support me

  • I want to come and learn theology at your university but am financial bankrupt so help me please,l need to study seriously

  • I am vincent from South Africa I want to study medicine in Australia and I need this money to start my caurse

  • Hi,
    I am currently working with PNG St. John Ambulance with a grade 12 & Certificate in Accounting but I really like to go as far as degree to doctorate level of education.

    So with your scholarship online programs I believe will help me a lot but I really need your help in giving me accurate information.

    I would like to do my Diploma in Accounting than Advance diploma & degree. So please give me the accurate information.

  • Am Oketch from Kenya from a very poor family. i need to further my studies. please i plead for your assistance. had degree in education arts.

  • am so honored to be counted in on this scholarship and am so looking forward to the opportunity to explore other corners of philosophical areas

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