Federation University Tuition Fee Scholarships for International Students in Australia, 2018

Enter the cult to the college education online. What a whimsical beast, this one. He throws in its weight in the arena dominated by mainstream universities. Before we know it, however, there comes a new champion of free learning, the accredited online universities. Behold, for the battle has kicked off in earnest!

In all seriousness, though, today we are taking a brief look at accredited online universities and college education online before broaching the rather more tangible topic of real scholarships.

Scholarships, we would argue, and probablyas would our detractors, are the surest way for students to get in a highly beneficial environment where they can advance their knowledge on various topics and make sure they connect with like-minded peers, creating a network of friendships that will serve them well in future.

It is true that by signing up for college education online or one of the many accredited online universities you are definitely depriving yourself of a great deal of that.

The Federation University Australia is offering to back students through its initiative Tuition Fee Scholarships. Scholarships are available for the Bachelor’s degree.

As an admission criterion, you will need to demonstrate a good command of English, with an IELTS scoring 6.0 or higher.

There are several subjects that you can take under the programme:

  • Business
  • Commerce
  • IT
  • Business Administration
  • Account and Technology

The award of the scholarship if 20% off your tuition fees and that is quite handy it, admit it. The scholarship can be taken in Australia.

In order to make the cut, you will have to meet several criteria:

  • A prospective student coming from abroad
  • You ought to be enrolling for the first semester of 2018
  • You also need an international student visa to study in Australia
  • You will also need to have been accepted by Federation University scholarship
  • Lastly, you will need to enroll in an eligible program

The application deadline is set for 2018. You can learn more on the scholarship link.

It is important to be able to tell the difference between good and bad modes of learning. But in fairness, they both have their pros and cons. We will strongly encourage you to go for a standard scholarship as long as you can. Failing that, there are great online alternatives.


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  • Am a Malawian boy aged 23
    I have been desiring, thirsting for a degree in Business Administration to no avail because of inability to pay tuition fees, should I get this scholarship as an alternative will appreciate much


  • I have been desiring, thirsting for a masters degree in tourism and hospitality management to no avail because of inability to pay tuition fees, should I get this scholarship as an alternative will appreciate much. e-mail:jobinaldoeniola@gmail.com telephone:+2348105390200

  • My name is Assan Cham I lives in the Gambia west Africa. I always dream about studying abroad in order to achieve a master\’s degree in computer science so how can I get a scholarship

  • am Sydney akankwasa aged 35 yrs am a pastor,I completed A-LEVEL some years ago but never continued to lack of tuition.i now request a scholar ship to study a degree in theology. thanks am waiting for any reply.

  • I need a scholarship …… I\’ve finished my undergraduate with bachelor\’s degree in animal sciences

  • My name is Shambel Ayichew I\’m interested to gt scholarship to study master of public health(Epidemiology)

  • I really need this scholarship i want to study business management and finance but the problem is luck of support financial your consideration of my request will be highly appreciated thank you.

  • I am from Ethiopia.I have been desiring, thirsting for a masters degree in Agricultural resource, management and economics to no avail because of inability to pay tuition fees, should I get this scholarship as an alternative will appreciate much. please call me i wants more of more

  • Am from Uganda, l want to study medicine if any an opportunity is given to me. I will be grateful if am favourably considered. Thank

  • hi i am from Ghana… i want to study Public relation…If an opportunity is granted to me… i would be very grateful .. Thank You

  • Hello, I`m Christina Kup and i`m in great need for a scholarship to further my studies in business abroad.

    Thank you
    Kind regards,
    Christina Kup

  • Hi….i want to study but i can\’t afford expenses so i need a scholarship….i request you to help by this scholarship program….thank you

  • I am kayinga Brolin from Uganda andi need a scholarship to advance for my university education .
    I really don\’t have money so will be glad if u give me chance.
    Would like to do bachelors of law or journalism

  • Hello. My name is Joshua Durango, a Filipino citizen. Since I was a child, I really dream to become a Civil Engineer someday but because of financial problem and lack of support from my family, it was now only an imagination. Furthermore, I really need this scholarship to have a chance to study in abroad and to farther my potential.I hope you would be a key for my better future.
    Thank you for your consideration and time.

  • My name is Princess Mensah, I am a Ghanaian. I am good at Science and Business and would like to offer any courses in University in this trend. I am still in high school though, but I am applying because my parents already told me they won\’t be able to afford. I really need your assistance or my education would be terminated after high school.

  • I am Princess Mensah and was called to ask about the scholarship I applied for but since I was with my mom and had not told her about my application I said I wasn\’t the one. Please give me another chance please. I need this scholarship. 00233574878648

  • Princess Mensah here again, I\’ll also appreciate anyone who reads theses messages and decide to help me. Call me 00233574878648

  • Please I\’m from Nigeria can I benefit from this scholarship and is it a full one.I would like to study nutrition and dietetics or microbiology. Thanks

  • Dear Sir or Madam my name is Nicolus Mjaliswa I would like to study Tourism management or hospitality in London in order to further my studies. I am currently doing my second year of Tourism Management and Event management in Central University of Technology.I would appreciate anything that you can give me.

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