2018 Erin J.C. Arsenault Graduate International Fellowships in Space Governance, Canada

Student grants have been around for a fair while now. There are degree programs that go to students who have relied on said student grants to make it through university. And who wouldn’t when the prices of education have become so exorbitant. Well, be that as it may, traditional institutions of higher education have succeeded in holding out against the influx of student grants. In fact, they, that is to say universities, have bene also successful in dispensing a fair number of degree programs and enrolling knowledge-hungry students to dip their hands in the big cookie jar of education.

Let us examine the McGill University and the terms of its Erin J.C. Arsenault Fellowships in Space Governance. The scholarship is available for the Master’s degree program.

A maximum of $20,000 is available for the Master’s Degree known as LL.M. and it is tenable for one academic year. The other reward is rewarding successful candidates $30,000 every year for those amongst you who have opted for the doctoral degree, or the D.C.L. degree.

What you need to know about the second degree is that it is renewable.

In terms of eligibility, you will need to meet several criteria:

  • Candidates will be required to be registered with the LL.M. or D.C.L. program for the academic year (both programs are available in the Faculty of Law of McGill University)
  • Only candidates who have continuously proven their academic record will be considered
  • No restrictions are applied in terms of citizenship or age

Candidates from all nationalities may apply.

There is an English language requirement, meaning you have to demonstrate/have a good command of both spoken and written English as the language of instruction will be English. To this end, you will need a valid English certificate.

The deadline is set for 15 December 2017.

Now, when we talk about online education we can point out to many of its flaws. However, online education is a driver of innovation and the scare it has sent throughout mainstream bodies of instruction is indicatory enough of how susceptible learning as a whole has become. Market forces will most certainly dictate the future of education so it is important that we have a safety net such as scholarships.


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